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Commenters: How else could Indy 5 be saved? Knowing that it can’t really be saved, how exactly will it fail us?

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  1. I may have some issues with referring to Short Round as 'beloved'…maybe if they brought back a grown Short Round as the villian, though. If they used some Tibetan artifact as the macguffin, they could throw in some heavy handed social consciousness, too!

      • Then they can commment on it again in the next installment of "Fallout".
        You find his corpse (and can take his hat) in "Fallout: New Vegas".

        • I would actually pay good money to see Indiana Jones in a post apocalyptic setting. Perhaps trying to unravel what ancient artifact brought about the end of the world while he was in a coma.
          And you thought Temple of Doom was dark….

  2. The war is over but the Nazi threat lives in occultism and the search for Shangri-la! Pure race ideals vs Indy called back into action by a well timed call from Short Round. Chinese communists, German Nazis and Indy racing through the Gobi Desert towards the Tibetan border. Combines the supernatural, ethnic metaphysics, nazis and the communists. All the best parts of all the movies aside from Jones Sr. of course.

    • Why not have him in there too? Sean Connery's still kicking, throw some aged makeup on and put him in a wheelchair. Although I'm not sure even he can save it from imminent stupidity…

      At the very least, I agree with Eli on step 1. Shia Lebouf must go.

  3. The biggest slap in the face was bringing back Marion, who kicked much ass in the first film, and having her more or less do nothing. In the Fifth Film, she better start kicking ass and saving Archaeologists.

  4. Indiana Jones breaks a hip and is stuck in a wheelchair teaching an archaeology class, telling tales of his youth.
    Cue: Young Indiana Jones – which was far better than anything made after Last Crusade. (RIP River Phoenix)

  5. So after retrning from his last adventure, Indy takes a vacation to Sanfransico where Indy and Mutt find themselves causght in the middle of a chinese gang war. Mutt is killed nd Indy seeks vengence against the criminal over lord David Lo Pan …..because you know we have all been waiting for a crossover remake of Big Trouble in Little China

  6. Indy wakes up to find everything, EVERYTHING after the first movies was dream. Him and Marion now live in a small New England town, where they teach at the local collage. Indy's grandfather (Sean Connery) lives with them and everything is fine until the Natzi show up.

  7. I think it's time we all admit to ourselves that, like Murtaugh before him, Harrison Ford is indeed "too old for this s***". I think the franchise would benefit from a James Bond type of treatment and get a new actor to don the fedora. Perhaps something along the lines of an Adam Baldwin? Aboslutely keep Ford on as a creative consultant for the character, but new blood must be had.

    Also, if I read the article correcty, they are pursuing the alien storyline. No. Stop. I will whack you on the nose with my rolled up newspaper to show you that you are wrong. The whole crystal skull thing had a tenuous hold on my disbelief to begin with. Adding aliens to the mix broke it. Go back to the archeology / quasi-religious roots.

    They advanced the timeline to the '50's. I think that's fine. Iron-Curtain-Age Soviets make good villains. Eliminate CGI wherever possible and go back to using elaborate sets and realistic props. I think those melting Nazis from the first movie will stand the test of time better than any of the cartoonish scenes from the newest one.

    • As long as they don't follow James Bond entirely and make the new guy someone who plays Indy the exact opposite of how Ford played him, that would be fairly cool with me.

      Honestly, I never got over Craig leaving the hot girl alone in the hotel room in Casino Royale, OR the mutilation of the "Shaken, not stirred" martini.

  8. So how far are we on perfecting cloning? I say we resurrect River Phoenix to take the place of Shia Lebouf.
    And I don't mean just in any Indy movies….I mean we should kill off Shia Lebouf and replace him….

    • Indeed. River could have made Transfomers into a pair of decent movies, plus I'd have been given a reason besides Megan Fox to watch Transformers 2 a minute past Optimus' death.

        • The only reason she's a "star" is because of those two movies…if all those str8 boys didn't watch her, the rest of us wouldn't have to put up with her.

          • Actually the irony is that you can blame the fanboys for both Lebouf and Megan Fox having careers. Though I consider myself a fanboy even I can't stand such a vapid plot as Transformers 1 and 2.

    • @George Lucas: Phew! I was afraid I would have to watch classic movies in 2D!
      When are they going to do Citizen Kane and Gone With The Wind?

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