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HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at Topatoco The one and only thing I appreciate about Mtv’s Teen Wolf adaptation is that the townsfolk in the trailer seem to react to werewolves with reasonable levels of terror. It’s more, “OH GOD, A HORRIBLE MONSTER! KILL IT! KILLLL IT IN THE FAAAAACE!” than attitude presented in the classic 80’s movies of, “Hey, how come the short kid is a dog? I sure hope he can play sports good now. Dum dee dum dee doooo.”

Are you listening to the HE Podcast? YOU SHOULD BE! In episode 70 [link coming soon] we talk a lot of teenage werewolves.

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  1. I think the real question is if they're going to keep the guy whipping his dick out after the big game during the first season finale

  2. Do most high schools even HAVE lacrosse? I only saw lacrosse players in college. Before that, I only knew about the sport from the original Freaky Friday movie.

  3. It's actually Canada's official national sport…

    but let's be real here, our actual national sport is hockey.


    • Naismith was in Springfield, Massachusetts when he invented Basketball If this wiki page is to be believed. So the Americans might be able to claim it as their own sports on the grounds that it was invented on American soil IMO. Regardless though, they could have basketball as their own national sport it doesn't concern us Canucks.

  4. Fun–though gruesome–fact: The first time I ever heard of lacrosse was in a newspaper article I read when I was about twelve–about a kid who had died of injuries received during a game. This was about 1975.

    But, yeah, it's pretty big here in the East. I know it's popular in Maryland. Lots of minivans and SUVs with "LAX" stickers on them, and they're not talking about the airport.

  5. Last panel: A couple injections of local anesthetic, a good pat on the ass and a little bit of "coach" walk it off pep talk and they'll be good to go again. That wolf won't know what hit him second half.

  6. The old Teen Wolf was billed as a comedy though. In that light, I think it served it's purpose well, even if some parts of it were rather unrealistic.

  7. I finally got to watch this show today… the first two episodes followed by the sixth (blame It's actually pretty fun in a cute WB show type of way.

  8. What the heck is a "javelin team?" Do rival high schools get together and put their 20 best javelin throwers up against each other?

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