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Please accept this Lo-FijiNKS comic substitute while I am in Austin, TX with SCARY UNCLE RANDY this weekend at AUSTIN COMIC CON.

I will have giant prints of the Austin-Inspired BBQ Comic!

PLUS there will be a joint HE/S*P Meetup after the show Saturday Night [DETAILS HERE].

There is also a new episode of the HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast! GO! ENJOY IT WITH YOUR HEAD AND FACE!

As a personal favor to me, please watch Fringe and SG:U, then tell all your friends to do the same. I needs them. I needs them like a space wino needs him some’o that space wine. Ohhh that space wine is mighty fine.

Give Me the Coffee You Fairy Godmother

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  1. I like Fringe but I've never watched any Stargate religiously, and I'm not going to start now (In part because I only have network tv).

  2. Fringe is one of the best shows on TV. Period. Of course it will get cancelled. As for Stargate Universe, I tried watching it, but couldn't get into it. Maybe I was too depressed when the original Stargate ended and Stargate: Atlantis ended. And then there's Caprica that's been cancelled! But shows like Two and Half Men Whores go on and on. Go figure.

    • I think that the fact that crap like Two and a Half Men (what the hell is that about anyway?) and all the "reality" TV stays around like herpes says more about the collective intelligence of society than anything else. I am still cheesed off that season two of V is only deemed good enough to be picked up as a mid-season replacement.

  3. I've never watched Fringe because it's on Fox and I know if I start watching it, they'll cancel it anyway.

    I've tried watching SGU and frankly, it bores me. It's like Atlantis with all of the fun sucked out of it, or BSG without anything resembling genuine drama.

  4. SGU tried to copy BSG and failed horrible because the writers just don't know how to do it. They throw their cry babies into problems and solve the problems, move as slowly as possible conveniantly just before the end.
    Next episode the reset button is pushed.
    E.g. last episode we get a short "BTW the Chloe-alien blood is gone from Scott's system" after they quarantined him too (and got us excited). Well I guess they needed a reason to get him and Chloe back in bed together.

    And it's not serious if by that you mean realistic.
    One thing I loved in BSG was the realistic portrayal of military guards. Something happens or someone dangerous is escorted/guarded at close range – they pull their guns and aim! That's what they are there for.
    In previous SG guards were always just standing around, weapons holstered and hands behind they're back.
    Guess what they're doing in SGU. Just last episode the Lucian Alliance guy harassed the "stoned in" scientist and the guard right next to them did not even react.

    But all in all it's just so slow and boring. More and more declining ratings prove me right.

    P.S.: I just noticed the HE Vault banner says "Premium Conent". You might want to fix that.

    • That thing with the guard bothered the hell out of me. His entire purpose was to keep an eye on the lucian alliance guy, then he starts harassing someone and the guard just stands there staring blankly into the distance? What, because Greer was supposed to be the one to handle it?

      Starting to agree with you that they're just trying to copy BSG and failing to pull it off. Dark and gritty is popular right now, but they're not particularly great at it. I'd have preferred they started up Atlantis again.

      • man you guys are HARD on SG:U. I keep tuning in for the mythology slowly unravelling in a satisfying way and for Dr. Rush. Other than Eli, he is the only character with dimension. Still I think the show is fantastic.

  5. Got a switch there. Sorry.

    "and solve the problems, move as slowly as possible conveniantly just before the end. "
    -> "move as slowly as possible conveniantly and solve the problemsD just before the end. "

  6. Netflix has ruined TV for me, I hear good things about shows and I think i just wait till its all over and watch it all on netflix. Does this make me a bad geek?

  7. If DVRs and Hulu count to FOX, Fringe does about an 8 rating. More people watch it on DVR (within 7 days of airing) than live. I wonder if they care yet…

    • I feel like the creators of the show understand DVR numbers fully, the networks believe the numbers but dont think they matter as much and the advertisers dont want anything to do with them.

  8. SGU is as boring as space pudding. I said when it first started: the only thing that can interest me in ANY Stargate show is the necessary and recurring appearance of Dr. McKay. And Universe thinks it's too good for him, even though he can fix anything.

    They tried to do Stargate Gallactica, but it didn't work. And it hasn't worked since day 1. They ALMOST had something when they met aliens, but they decided NOT to turn it into "Guess who's destroying you now" which is what always works for the other Stargate shows.
    It's Stargate, but not Stargate ENOUGH.

      • Dr. Rush is an ass and deserves every near-death experience handed to him by the equally assy Colonel Young.

        What the series needs is a "unifying" character – the one everyone can get along with, trust, etc., so they can all get over their ridiculous power plays and try to get something done. (It should be Eli, but they've made the character too weak and naive to play that role.)

        The only thing I respect is Rush's "I want to understand the ship, even if I never get home." But an attitude like that is never going to play well in a room full of people who want to get home.

  9. Between me and my wife, there's too much TV for us to handle right now on the DVR and I just don't watch Hulu as much as I used to. I may be tempted to give Fringe a shot, but Stargate Universe is a show full of fail. I watched the first 7 or 8 episodes and just couldn't take it any more. Every episode started to feel like a chore but with no reward. It's like a watered down like BSG without personality or fun or excitement. I just wanted the ship and everyone on it to die in a beautiful firey blaze!
    Sorry, Joel, but I think it's time to give up on SGU as it moves off to cancelation land… and, hopefully, takes V with it. But, it better keep it's hands off of Community!

  10. I love Fringe as well. God when that show brings it, it really effing brings it! I tell everyone I know to watch it… just freaking watch it for the love of Denethor… I don't know if they listen… when they ask what its about and I start trying to explain the plot I can see in their faces that I'm losing them. My new way of getting my gal pals to watch is, "Pacey from Dawson's Creek is in it, just watch."

  11. Have they ever considered that people who would fill out a piece of paper and mail it in as to what their watching has nothing to do with anyone age 0-29? I can't see how that can be an accurate way to judge what people are watching.

    • The Nielson system is 100% broke. Every cabe or satellite box in the country has the ability to accurately report what we watch and record. Reporting should be an opt-in feature for all. I, for one, would opt-in so that my viewership can at least count towards a show staying on the air.

      • "I, for one, would opt-in so that my viewership can at least count towards a show staying on the air. "

        I couldn't agree with you more. It's rough when every single show in which I get heavily invested is unceremoniously scrapped by the network execs or placed in the front of the line for the chopping block, and it would be phenomenal if my viewership could lend support to these cursed shows.

        Hell, my track record with show cancellation is why I never even bothered to watch Castle; I'm absolutely convinced that the moment I watch one single episode of another Nathan Fillion vehicle, the network will bring the cancellation hammer down on it.

      • Not to mention, I, as a multi-billion dollar conglomerate looking to advertise my already-ubiquitous product, would MUCH rather have incredibly accurate numbers than Nielsen's current guesstimations. You would think the money would be talking here. I wonder what gives?

  12. Let's see here.

    BSG lasted 4 years. Barely.

    Caprica? Barely one season.

    Stargate SG1: 10 years.

    Stargate: Atlantis 5 years.

    Stargate Producers: "Hey guys lets try and copy BSG for our next series!"

    Does anyone else see the problem?

  13. There were a whole bunch of episodes in which there was no Lucian Alliance. Watch the original series premiere – with no Lucian Alliance? It's totally trying to Stargate Gallactica.

    It's hard to make the case that it was always trying to be Voyager when it took a whole season before the Voyager angle even appeared.


      like, you actually read the comments and amended the comic to correct the error?

      now, SERIOUSLY what is the the Internet coming to!?

      P. S. i love you

  14. I like SGU,
    It DOES move to slowly,
    Eli should be a growing character, both in respect the crew has for him, how much he understands the ship and how confident he gets. He should be the main character.
    The most interesting character is Dr Rush, he should be reviled by the crew, but the crew also know he is needed. He should be a hero and a villain. In that he is interesting.
    Sgt Greer, needs to have his bad assedness displayed more prominently. When they fought the Alliance, Rush was the only badass. Greer should have been more of a badass.

    Still I like the show.

    I don't know how old this is. I just came across your comic. I saw the cartoon about the V character feeling up the boob. It was the funniest shit I have ever seen.
    I am in Iraq, so I download all my shows off the internet, so my viewership counts for diddly.

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