The Weeping Fanboys

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Thanks for understanding guys. I am just swamped right now. There will be a proper new comic tomorrow.


COMMENTERS: I assume many of you bought the Star Wars Blu Rays. Feel free to express your opinions, positive, negative or neutral, in the comments.

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  1. Joel, you fool! You've birthed thousands of Angels from computer monitors everywhere!

    At least I didn't look it ten in the eyes, nine that would have been very bad….

    …..Oh shit.


  2. <airplane!> Sounds like somebody picked the wrong week to quit caffeine. </airplane!>

    Are the Ewoks still in Return Of The Jedi on Blu-Ray, or did Lucas replace them with Gungans? You know what, I don't wanna know… Maybe if somebody gives me the boxset as a thougtless Xmas gift I'll find out eventually.

    • I think they're still in this time so that they can blink.

      It'll probably be the next stupid reiteration that four replaces them with something inexplicably worse.

    • Taxes are as easy as Pi …… Dealing with auditors is whole different ball game … more like what was done to hockey in the NHL ….

  3. This is absolutely the best comment three…I mean, thread…that I've ever seen on the internet. Thanks for the laughs and inspiration, Joel!

  4. Joel, you could always use the same strategy as The Doctor and postpone the next season of HiJINKS ENSEWER until Fall 2012. (BTW, I eagerly await your interpretation of the apparently-upcoming "Doctor Goes To Narnia With a QI Panel" Christmas Special, which BBCAmerica will probably postpone to Martin Luther King Day to avoid getting flack from the War on Christmas people. whew.)

    Or use the same strategy as Fringe and make believe Joshua Jackson doesn't exist. (Not drawing Joshua Jackson should save you hours on each new comic).

  5. As long as the Ewok never blinks, then we're all perfectly safe.
    And since Ewok's don't blink, the Doctor totally chose the right…eerr…man?…woman?….thing for the job.

    (until George Lucas digitally remasters the comic, making the Ewok blink)

  6. Maybe if we stopped coddling our children and sent them to work in the acid mines they would learn not to mess with their gloves or waste their time spinning in circles.

  7. have you ever seen a video of someone blinking in reverse?
    It's very subtle, but also very creepy.
    What I'm saying is I hope they did it wrong.

  8. 1) Thanks for scaring me with the angel and making me laugh at the same time. Well played.
    2) My husband bought the new Star Wars DVD. I won't get a chance to see it or him for a while.

  9. This reminds me of FanExpo with a Doctor or three running around and a couple of squads of Storm Troopers et al and One Awesome yet disturbing Angel. Fortunately no Ewoks.

  10. I want to see a chorus of Angels (at least 10) end the creepy-as-hell countdown by breaking into:

    One! Singular sensation

    and a big dance number.

  11. As much as I love Star Wars and treasure my VHS copies, Lucas ain't getting shit from me until he puts out an "unfucked with" version of the original trilogy on DVD.

    He can do whatever he wants to the movies as far as I'm concerned, they are his properties after all.
    But I for one would like the OPTION to buy the movies from my childhood that aren't CGI'd and overdubbed and "improved".

    Lucas "improves" a movie the same way a pederast "improves" a victim, by molesting the shit out of it.

    • that version does exist. It came as a 2nd set of movies with one of the special edition DVD's. It was the one that came out after the ones that had the all black case with just Vader's head. For some reason most people dont know they were actually released. The video was sourced from the Laser Discs.

  12. Joel: we're not really "understanding" so much as "overstanding." As in, standing over you, demanding more comics. Possibly with a whip in hand.
    I'm just kidding, this sketch was still hilarious.

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