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I know I’m a late adopter, but I just got my first Blu-Ray player in December. Having amassed and subsequently ripped/server stored/eBay’d a rather sizable DVD collection, I thought I was done purchasing movies via physical media. I bought the player mostly for Netflix, but seeing as it was there and that it had all those P’s (1,080 of them to be precise) I figured I might as well start re-acquiring A) My most favorite/ infinitely rewatchable movies (your Lebowskis, Ghostbusters, Princess Brides, Backs To Futures and such) and B) My most favorite gorgeous/visually stunning films (your Avatars, Fireflied Serenities, various Pixar’d Cartoonicals, Lords Of Some Rings,  and what not). On a lark I threw up about 25 movies on my Amazon wishlist and shit-in-my-biscuits if’n they weren’t nearly all purchased by your magnificent Fancy Bastards within a couple of weeks. Merry happy to me! It was the highest def’d Xmas I’d ever had! Many of them were sent anonymously or only with first names, so if I didn’t thank you directly please know that I am extremely grateful.

A couple of very nice FB’s got me the Lord Of The Rings (Extended) Blu-Ray set for the very Blackest of all Fridays (before we even had the Blu-Ray player), and my wife and I just sat down to watch Fellowship this weekend. I know I am a heretic, but I HAD to zoom that shit in. I can’t stand seeing the black bars taking up 1/3 of my TV. I’m just the type that would much rather see a full 16:9 picture than know exactly what the rest of that one Orc’s shoulder looks like before he movies fully into frame. I realized this type of zoom-happy behavior is a dealbreaker for many of your videophiles, but having crossed the threshold of fatherhood and 30-year-old-hood I find myself giving less and less of a shit about “BUT THAT’S NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO NERRRRRRD!!!” and more about comfort, ease of use and simplicity. Zooming in my Blu-Rays to fill the screen is basically the entertainment equivalent of staying in sweatpants all day. Sure, it doesn’t look as nice, but who’s really gonna know besides me?

COMMENTERS: Is there a particular “accepted nerdy way” of doing things that you just refuse to bend on? Do you rip all your audio in lossless codecs? Do you get twitchy when you see that someone’s surround sound speakers are improperly placed [raises hand]? Have you ever managed to unburden yourself from any of these behaviors to positive results?

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Warp Factor 1080p. Engage.

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this Three Wheaton Moon shirt. You can buy it! Then you can wear it! Only two steps to total geeky happiness? Sign me up!

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I was super excited to hear that Star Trek: TNG was finally coming to Blu-Ray in HD. They are going back and scanning the original film stock and re-editing each episode to match the original. The thing I am having trouble with is that they are supposedly replacing all of the special effects with CG. Does that mean they are going to trash the beautiful starship models in favor of a CG Enterprise? I know they did that with TOS a few years back, but that wasn’t MY Star Trek, so I didn’t really care. Now I’m wondering of replacing the amazing model work in TNG is a distrespectful Lucas-izing of the series. I know the HD scenes mixed with blurry model shots, poorly blue screened onto backgrounds wouldn’t make for a cohesive viewing experience, but it still seems a bit wrong to me. Oh, hey! That was me turning old. I am old now. Where are my turnips?

UPDATE: It looks like they are going back to the original model shots and recompositing them. So no CG Enterprise as far as I can tell. It actually looks pretty fantastic.

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The Weeping Fanboys

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Thanks for understanding guys. I am just swamped right now. There will be a proper new comic tomorrow.


COMMENTERS: I assume many of you bought the Star Wars Blu Rays. Feel free to express your opinions, positive, negative or neutral, in the comments.

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I’m not even mad at George Lucas any more. He’s successfully divorced me from all personal ownership or warm feelings I had towards Star Wars and turned the franchise into this weird, abstract pop-culture punchline. No other film or series of films have managed to remain in a constant state of flux like Star Wars has. Lucas should just append the word “beta” at the end of each title. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back v. 4.38 beta. Fuck, maybe we’re still in the alpha releases and our grandkids will be the first to run a stable Star Wars build. Either way, I’ve quit my job as a beta tester. I’m bored with having my fandom experimented on.

I hope, just for giggles, Lucas replaces Yoda’s voice with the sound of air escaping a ballon, and replaces every instance of Kiera Knightley/Amidala with Natalie Portman/Amidala and vice versa. You know, just to do it. Maybe by the time the whole series is released on holographic suppository, he’ll have done the fans a favor and digitally added a thousand sand-piranha that are constantly eating Jar Jar’s flesh in every scene.




Blu-Ray Harvest – Episode II: Rerelease Of The Jedi

I will be at table 222 (with Topatoco) on the 2nd floor Saturday 5/7 and Sunday 5/8. I will have books 1 and 2 (and I will draw dumb things in them for you), stickers, buttons, prints (probably a “The Doctor Is In” print), and maybe a couple of shirts.

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“The Doctor Is In” shirt based off the “You’re The Last of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic is here!

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Part 1 of this comic is HERE and was published almost exactly one year ago.

It’s the forth of May. Outdoor f… lightsaber battles start today. The street date for Star Wars: The Complete Essential Masterclass Compendium Edition on Blu-ray has been set for mid September, which means (like Josh) many of you will be purchasing Star Wars for the 4th or 5th time. Let’s count’em up: There was the laser disc set, the VHS special editions, the DVD of 1,2 and 3, the Super special edition DVD’s of the classic trilogy (4, 5 and 6), the unaltered original trilogy DVD’s (in which the un-fucked with films were considered “bonus material”), The Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy box sets (the “all new box art” only versions mentioned in the comic above), and The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray (with the promise of 3D to come). I think “buying Star Wars again” is the “buying The White Album” for our generation.

This new set has over 40 hours of bonus material, much of which has never been seen before. I think it was Rick McCallum that said something like “we keep finding daylies and alternate takes you people have never seen, so we keep adding them in, blah blah, whatever.” It seems less like they are actually discovering new footage and behind the scenes footage and more like they are seeing evidence of its existence on the Periodic Table of Star Wars. It’s like they look at the holes on the table and start postulating which “making of’s” and bits of b-roll have the precise atomic mass to site between a 6 hour documentary about Anthony Daniels getting into his brass unitard, and a behind the scenes vignette called “Who Really Shot First? Who Really Cares Anymore?

COMMENTERS: Are you going to buy Star Wars again? Why or why not? What other formats might future generations enjoy Star Wars on [read the alt-text]? Why else may be included? More features, more documentaries, more films?