The Tigh’s That Blind

Last weekend was Dallas Comic Con. I didn’t go but Denise and Eli made it out to take some pics. Colonel Tigh (Michael Hogan) was there sans eye patch which seemed like a problem that should have been rectified. I can only hope that he answered each question in the affirmative by letting out that famous Caprican strip club “YEEAAAARRRGGGGHHH!” from the BSG finale.

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  1. Hey, you changed Denise, subtle but looks nice, the animated Denise is hotter than the real Denise. LMAO, jk.

  2. Reminds me of one of my favorite bits from the podcast: Episode 35's "Irate Jacking Off Tigh"
    "BIILL! Everyone's a robot, Bill! They gotta hump in a booth and we'll watch 'em jack off, Bill!"
    "We can't do that. You know we can't do that, Saul."
    "Bill I'll jack off right now to prove I'm not a ROBOT!"

  3. Joel, did you watch CSI last Thursday? They parodied Star Trek AND BattleStar Galactica as the setting of the crime scene (fan convention for fictional sci-fi cult show Astro Quest) and the motive (TV producer of a darker, edgier redux of aforementioned show found dead on set). I dare you not to laugh at the crowd's reaction to the blasphemy of their holy scriptures, and you'll be amazed who's there!

  4. I used to worry about annoyed Denise always being annoyed in the presence of Eli, Joel, and/or Josh, but I definitely prefer annoyed Denise to crazed, wild-eyed, stabby Denise.

  5. duuuude i would have loved to have had this print with me for him to sign! but wait, would that be insulting, to show him a comic of me stabbing him in the face? probably so, huh?

  6. Colonel Drinkypants and stabby-Denise! Have I mentioned that I love HE-speak and the invention(-splode) of new geek words?
    Everything about this strip is delightful, from the art to last panel's polaroid pic. Well done.


  7. "Linguasplosion" – "linguasplode" – the sudden and unexpected creation, and resulting use, of words to describe elements of "geekness" or to enhance an event depicted in "geek" media

    See "sharksplode", "wallsplode"

  8. Nice photos Denise! What kind of camera were you using? I especially like how you got Legolas to pose in that one pic. Those elves catch the light just so!

  9. If my memory is correct, in comics past she had quiet the large breasticals, this current form seems more realistic and playful and I think a better version a Denise. More Denise less Josh.

  10. Yeah he certainly seemed like it was just another paycheck to him. In stark contrast I met Nicole de Boer from DS9 at the same con and she just lit up the room with her smiles and charm.

  11. This comic is so funny, and yet Michael Hogan is so NICE! I feel kind of bad laughing at him getting stabbed in the eye, even if all the actors do charge ridiculous amounts of money for their autographs and photo ops now.

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