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And My Axe - Gimli shirt by HijiNKS ENSUE at Topatoco

NEW HE Podcast Episode 80: Medium Seabiscuit [or is it Sexbiscuit?]

HijiNKS ENSUE at Emerald City Comicon

OMG EMERALD CITY COMICON IS RIGHT NOW [starting Friday]!!! Come see me and Angela at booth 307.

CONVENTION UPDATE: I will be at The Toronto Comics And Arts Festival May 7-8 after all, and I will also be at Connecticon July 9-11.

BOOK UPDATE: The giant, frost bitten pallet of HE Book 2‘s arrived at my house on Wednesday. I’ll start shipping books when I get back from ECCC. Non-artist edition books will ship first, followed by non-artist UFE’s (still waiting on some of the goodies like stickers and buttons to arrive), followed by all artist editions. I have at least 200 books to sketch, so please be forgiving when it comes to delivery times.

Ok, don’t look at me like that. Josh came up with this and I just wanted to make sure you all knew what a monster he was. Now that you know… what he is… just don’t look him directly in the eyes if you ever meet him. Because I assure you, the thing looking back will chill you to the core. It’s like staring into the soulless eyes of a shark with cataracts. Or maybe a raccoon. Either way it’s some sobering shit. The temperature in the room will drop 10 degrees, then it will rise because you just peed yourself. He’s a monster. A monster.

COMMENTERS: So hows about that spanky new iPad 2, eh? That mobile Garageband is giving me dangerous thoughts. One might even say IDEAS. Ooooohhhhh…. ideeeeeaaaaaasssss….

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  1. I look forward to the eventual appearance of Android recording/composition software so that I can record my own music without having to wear a black turtleneck. But it did make me want an iPad for about three seconds.

    • I personally am wary of the continued available of various musical software. Suddenly anyone who can steal 5 samples and string them together in a sickening loop can call himself "a musician." (black turtleneck or not)

      It's wrong, I tells ya.

  2. Fair enough. Well, if push comes to shove, I have the SDK and I know how to use it. In the mean time, looks like there's already some stuff out there that rises to the level of Nitrotracker on the DS, which was enough for me to input melodies and simple arrangements back in my DS-carrying days. I do prefer something with source I can tweak, but for five or ten bucks I'm not expecting Ableton.

  3. I think we all pretty much suspected Josh's heart was monsterous and black. Especially after all that twinky vodka.

    My husband and I are going to come say "hi!" at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend :). We'll be the ones wearing the Edward shirts. You have been warned.

  4. I hear Steve Jobs is really pushing for development for the iPancrease, iLiver and iClone projects…

    Now if you'll excuse me I believe I have a hand basket ride to catch.

  5. I tried to watch the keynote and it said I needed a Mac to do so. Exact words. My attempt to play the thing confirmed that they weren't kidding. What the hell? For that matter, what are they doing using QuickTime video in the first place? Somebody needs to alert Steve "HTML5 is the future; plugins are the Devil" Jobs that his webmaster is stuck in the year 2000.

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