The 1984rity Report 2: Brainwash Boogaloo

It’s a veritable infestation of continuity. Is there an aerosol spray that will kill it?

Josh brought his new Macbook Pro over the for the Podcast last night. It was sexy. The End.

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  1. Lol. Again.

    "Incredibly stylish floating prison" reminds me of Rhyme and Reason's palace in "Phantom Tollbooth."

    If Josh is getting your jeans, what is Eli getting?

  2. Well, consider that after all these years, Apple is STILL the only true thing keeping Microsoft from a PC monopoly. Looking at how big Microsoft has grown since those days, it only follows that Apple would have to expand as well to keep up. What is really interesting to analyse is the parallell success they've had going in two completely different directions; Apple with it's iPod, and Microsoft with its X-Box.

  3. Very nice with the old school Apple "1984" advertisement reference! I'm enjoying this mini-arc; it reminds me of Scroogled, a science-fiction short story about "the day Google became evil."

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