War Machine, HUH! Good God! What Is It Good For?

It seems Marvel didn’t even tell Mr. Howard that he’d gotten the axe…err… repulsor blast to the face. My interpretation is that they don’t want Terrence Howard to star in a potential War Machine spin off/ Iron Man Sequel. They said it was about money, but it seems like it was less about the money Howard wanted and more about the amount they would like to pay him. I’m sure Marvel never expected their first wholly owned production to be so successful.

We talked about this on Podcast #33, but we didn’t know about the unceremonious firing. So just ignore my ignorant comments about Howard asking for too much money.

The recast Eli is his best friend Alex. I hope he’s cool with appearing in the comic…

Speaking of Podcasts, in the Post Show for #33 we talked about some of the more (and less) memorable “Same Role/Different Actor” switcheroos in Hollywood history. My favorite is the whole Crispin Glover/Geroge McFly fiasco from the Back to the Future franchise. It’s a crazy-ass story.

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What are your most/least favorite recast roles from movies or TV?

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  1. I have evolved a similar holder that can simultaneously hold beer and chips at the same time.

    Is he eating Cheetos with peanut butter? He must truly be the chosen one.

  2. I've not tried cheetos in peanut butter, but I do enjoy cheezits with peanut butter on them. I will have to try the cheetos concept. (Although now that I look at the bag, it has a "z" in the name of whatever they are – so maybe they are cheezits in stick form – which is something they have made before)

  3. I noticed that too. Isn't that just sooo cute?!

    Oh a Josh-releated side-note, I went to a gay pride rally yesterday here in Chattanooga, TN. That's right, gay pride in the middle of the backwoods, bumble-farkus south. (The previous day there was a preacher walking up and down the street telling everyone they were going to hell).

    I'm not gay but I have a lot of gay friends, one of which worked at the restaurant right next to the gay pride rally. It was awesome. She got me a free shot.

  4. Today on Ricki Lake…
    I was a former Drag Queen fired from Hollywood for trying to make a movie called 'Whore Machine'…

  5. lol, I thought it was Howard who replaced Eli at first. The belly table is great, but does he really eat cheetoz and PB? Doesnt sound very tasty and this is from a guy who like PB & bacon sandwiches.

  6. Man, I accidentally caught a glance of the last panel before reading the comic, and I was so weirded out. I thought maybe you were changing the way you draw Eli or something, and I had to cross-reference it in my mind with his current face fur, only to give up and read the awesome comic. Also, Cheetos are successful.

  7. lol. My father-in-law thinks that every black actor is either Cuba Gooding Jr, Bill Cosby, or "Bill Cosby's son" (Malcom-Jamal Warner). I used to think, "Ha ha, he's just joking." Nowadays, I'm not so sure.

  8. As for the selection of Don Cheadle, I say 'bring it on'. Cheadle is great in every movie he's ever been in. I do think that Howard would've made a fine War Machine, but Cheadle's the man so I'm not disappointed.

  9. I also wanted to say that replacing characters in movies was one thing they did right in The Matrix. Instead of finding another actor to replace Tank, they killed him off and gave us the dude from Lost as Link, the brother/cousin-type person out for vengeance of his murdered brother/cousin-type person. (That sentence sounded better in my head. Oh well.)

  10. I want to see a white guy be replaced by a black guy, or the other way around. For example, Heath Ledger died. Instead of getting a new villain they should bring in Samuel L. Jackson as the joker and pretend nothing changed.

  11. About that whole "if we replace one black guy with another, nobody'll notice" thing… I mean, isn't that kind of like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? Let's replace (the awful!) Katie Holmes with another tall, skinny, brunette. I admit, I don't know if there was more of a story there, like Tom Cruise stepping in and saying "you don't know the history of Batman like I do. Batman is bad! Batman killed people and experimented on people in Nazi Germany, so Katie's not doing it!"

  12. roflcopter. Before this comic we knew about him eating gravy by the metric ton, and taco bell, and his befouling of Joel's toilet. I think he cut vegetables out of his diet along ago.

  13. That guy drives me crazy. You think he's good and then he pulls something out that makes the comic look new. I don't think your textures look that different for being free. I tried a picture of bacon for a texture once.

  14. Absolutely! Thats obvously where I got the idea to use textures. Mike's are much nicer, but I cant afford to buy textures so Im stuck with what I can find for free. Its a fun technique that Ill probably keep messing with for a while.

  15. worst movie swap: The Harry Potter franchise
    daniel radcliffe to daniel radcliffe when his balls are attempting to drop

  16. I’m looking for a particular comic and this is ALMOST it. Except Josh is supposed to say something about noticing every time Cosby got recast. Which one is that?

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