Something Strange And It Don’t Look Good

“George Hurt You” shirts are in the store!!!

Show Us On The Trilogy Where George Hurt You - funny star wars t-shirt, george lucas shirt, star wars parody

“Seriously! Who is that young ghost dude with the Sith-eating grin on his face? I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

I know I typically dress up the HE characters for HE-ween, but since I already did that for the “Fancy Bastards Assemble” print just last week I thought I would go in a different direction. Honestly, I was trying to figure out how to do this comic as a “costumes” gag, but in the end it just seemed forced. Either way, just remember that if the light’s green, the droid’s clean.

COMMENTERS: What were you for Halloween (besides drunk)? Feel free to post links to pics of your costumes in the comments. Any particularly fantastic Halloween costume stories? Kiddo wanted to be a ghost, so the wife and I made a SPOOKtacle of a costume, though it doesn’t top our homemade “Boo” costume from a few years back.

Josh IRL went as a character from his company’s game Borderlands called Salvador.

Borderlands Salvador Halloween Costume By Josh Jeffcoat

[more pics here]

I have no idea how he cell shaded himself (which is different than blue-ing oneself). He’s come such a long way since Gaytos.

BONUS COMIC: Since he is still without power I decided to send Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content a guest comic. It features a character he, Randy and I created last year  in Austin, TX named Sergei. All you need to know about Sergei is he is a man of means. Whatever you need, he can get it. Or something close to it.

Questionable Content Guest Comic - Sergei - by Joel Watson Of Hijinks ENSUE

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  1. For some reason, at first glance, I thought the green energy was coming out of Luke's cock. I think its the two handed grip near waist level.
    I was a dude lounging on a sofa with a stack of decent horror movies on dvd for Halloween. If you haven't seen Attack the Block yet, it's awesome!

  2. That is awesome. If that gets printed on anything, I'm buying it.
    After debating between Doctor Who and formal-dress Green Lantern, I ended up stuck with "guy recovering from kidney stone who can't leave the house." Which oddly enough also involved Attack the Block.

  3. I went as a fomori in a Road Warrior-esque costume. I scared the crap out of some kids, just by standing there. My 3 year old son laughed at the costume, but I had 10 year olds fleeing in abject terror. Pretty sweet. My son went as wubbzy.

    • I'm old and have to hand out candy to kids, too, but I always dress up anyway. Some of the kids really appreciate getting candy from an adult in costume. I also strive to set a positive example for some of the older kids that couldn't be bothered to put on a costume, yet go trick-or-treating anyway. I think some of them don't have much money, but there's still stuff you can do if you're creative enough. I live in hope.

      One year my husband and I put a fog machine on the front porch and scared the s**t out of some of the kids. That was pretty funny. You could hear them screaming through the door.

  4. I was lady- recovering-from-having-tooth-pulled-with-vicodin-hangover. The occasional blood dripping from my mouth was a nice touch. It looked almost real I was told by a few kids taking my candy.

  5. I did horror makeup for a friend's party and then spent the night working at a haunted house. I was a zombified-burn-victim rag lady and spent the night chasing people around with a shopping cart and offering half eaten candy to others (it tastes like cherry and the inside of my mouth).

  6. Took my kid cousin Trick or Treating [her Dad is a VERY religious man and considers Halloween the Devils Day,..luckily he lives out of state,] and her Mom [my cousin] was sick,..heck seems everyone in the family that live nearby was sick but me. Was not too bad,…I got dressed up in my Pirate gear including my flintlock, sword, and dagger [I do Medieval Faires and Pirate Faires for a living] and took her up the road to a subdivision. I shocked quite a few people when they asked "oh your an adult and pretending to be a Pirate for Halloween" I would reply "no Sir/Maam I am an adult who is a Pirate 10 months out of the year,..these are my work clothes,..if I was dressed up for Halloween I would be wearing a polo shirt and khakis and pretending to be a average working stiff". At the end of the night my I helped my cousin go through her candy taking a few pieces here and there,..when she complained I just smiled and said "hellooooo Pirate,… plus its my Birthday so Nyahh" [yes I am a Halloween baby]. After she went home to bed I sat in my yard [still in gear] and waited for the late night Halloween vandals/TPers. Suffice it to say 90 grain load in a flintlock pistol makes a nice loud boom,….and causes teenagers to "break the land speed record" trying to run away,….lol. Mine was only house on the block not to get messed with.

  7. May I say it's an utter relief to know I'm not the only person in the room who screams "NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!" when that Sithstain comes on screen at the end. Everybody else in the room (who claim to be geeks as well) stare at me in confusion. Was anyone else slightly confused as to how in the remake everyone in the WHOLE FRIGGIN' EMPIRE knew instantly that the Emperor was dead? And why did the Imperial forces just surrender? My thought is it would be closer to post-WW2 where they were still finding Japanese soldiers holed up years later with no idea the war was over (or refusing to believe it).
    Also, my fiance went as a headless knight, and I went as the Killer (Playboy Bunny) Rabbit.

  8. All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. The day that Lucas re-released Star Wars…

  9. Went as Joan Holloway from Mad Men – a character I actually have the figure for! After watching the obligatory midnight showing of Rocky Horror, I decided that next year my hair will be long enough that I could go as Magenta. At work I was a Brooklyn hipster. It was disappointing that I actually had the clothes to pull it off…

    • Props if you can pull off Joan Holloway… I have pretty much been in love with Christina Hendricks since Firefly. My wife approves. xD

  10. We do a haunted house for the neighborhood kids. Fog machines, strobe lights, flaming torches with skulls mounted on them, blood fountains, the whole shebang. I even rigged up a projector to display my big giant head on the walls so I could scare people as they waited to get in. We truly made some new nightmares! Seriously, two kids wet themselves.

  11. What my family WANTED to do was awesome, and hopefully it's something we can do next year. The plan was for my parents to go as Rory and Amy (with my dad dressed as a centurion), I was to be River Song, and my boyfriend was going to dress up as the eleventh doctor.

  12. I'm pretty sure that had any of the Trick-or-Treaters asked, I would have terrified them when I explained that I was dressed up as an unemployed college graduate living with his parents…

  13. Joel, this comic (funny as it is) reminded me of something I wanted to talk about from an older strip, "Otherwise Occupied", when you said "Fan and let fan." That was the underlying message of my Toastmasters speech from that same week! I said if you're a fan of something, show it off and share it with the world, but don't just dump on people who like something or someone you happen to hate. And yet you're selling shirts that throws a low blow to George Lucas. Care to explain? I'm not personally attacking you, just asking for some clarification.

    • George Lucas is a greedy hack that alienates his fanbase time after time for profit. I am still a fan of Star Wars as an entity but I have lost all respect for the man. ALso the shirt is funny, and I shouldnt have to justify it beyond that.

      • Rule of funny FTW.
        Also, I agree. He did something really special back then, and since then he just keeps on revisiting the well, trying to squeeze more out of it. Each new technology provides an opportunity to glue on or paint over some of the previous work we enjoyed. Honestly, the only media I could think of that didn't get a Star Wars release on was the UMD for PSP.
        No doubt the next re-release will be in 3D…

        • P.S.
          One does wonder how far down the line the game of "telephone" could go with the series. I like imagine 100 years later, still being re-released. By then, so many edits have been made that R2D2 is voiced by Justin Beiber and Chewbacca is Luke's father.

    • Lou, me thinks you miss the point of the jest.
      Lucas is not a FAN of the franchise and it is at him and his diddling of the original three films that has a large proportion of the Fandom enraged. Gnashing of teeth on stale commemorative cereal, rending of overpriced T-shirts and flailing of light-sabre replicas, etc etc, is all the result of his "new vision" and "improving" of the films.
      Every fan has at least one edit that just makes them cry bitter tears of anguished frustration, crying out "why?".

      Fortunately for Lucas the fanbase is introverted, non-confrontational and incapable of physical violence.
      If they were packers fans he would have moved into an armed secure compound by now … oh wait ….

      • OK,OK, you guys made your point. We're all entitled to our opinions. It's just that you hear or see it enough times, it gets annoying, because there's nowhere near enough visible nerdhate towards other creators. I mean, God forbid someone say something unkind in the general direction of James Cameron or Joss Whedon without threats of retribution.

        • Just butting my head in here briefly, but I have heard many and many a negative thing about James Cameron. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever read anything on the Internet about him that cast him in a positive light (other than "he was really good at employing the technology he used for Avatar") . Also, I have encountered people IRL and online that were not fans of Joss, and made valid points about things they disliked about his work.

          I'm probably taking your comment more literally than you intended it. However (and I'll admit I'm no expert and not even a fan of Star Wars in particular), I feel like Lucas' breaches of trust with the fanbase have been more frequent, more long-term, and more gratuitous than most.

          • "I feel like Lucas' breaches of trust with the fanbase have been more frequent, more long-term, and more gratuitous than most."


            One of the things I love about loving movies is when I can internalize the whole experience. I can remember not just the dialog, but how it was said, and what facial expression the actor had. The princess bride is the prime example of this. You can't quote this movie without doing the voices, the inflections, the cadences, etc. It's a whole package (like a film should be). With Star Wars, the film I remember isn't the one my kid will see. Hell, the film I remember is probably bits and pieces of at least 3 or 4 of the various re-releases. What Lucas has done to Star Wars has diluted the memory of every person who loved the series before he started mucking about with them. You can't have a communal experience when you have to clarify when version of the movies you are talking about before you start quoting.

            • Get your hands on the first run of the Special Editions (1997 theatrical releases) on DVD. The original theatrical releases are on the bonus discs. They are the only versions I watch. I won't buy the BluRay and I refuse to see the 3D garbage. In my world dead Anakin is still old Anakin and Han still shoots first. All is right in my universe.

        • Look in the right corner of the internet and you can find plenty of nerds ragging on James Cameron, and Avatar in particular. As for Whedon… Yeah, the Browncoats seem to be just about everywhere, and vocal.
          As for Lucas, I can't speak for anybody else, but I actually liked (or could at least tolerate) everything up through the prequels and the DVD edition of the original trilogy. With the Blu-Ray release, he's finally gone one, very specific change too far even for me. I still can't bring myself to hate the man, though. I actually pity him because I honestly believe he's lost sight of what he's worked for.

          • The problem with pitying him (because I do agree that he's lost sight of why he started making movies in the first place) is the he keeps getting rewarded for his mistakes. He continually drains the likability out of the franchise and the fans keep giving him millions and millions of dollars as punishment.

            • Huh, that's a pretty good point. "How dare you use your technological superiority to mess around with your old movies! DROWN IN OUR MONEYS!!! WE'LL BURY YOU IN A DOLLAR-VALANCHE!!!"

  14. We took our son trick or treating and our best friends accompanied us. 4 adults 1 kid all in costume.. sight to behold. We were a huntsman, a ranger, a old school style witch (think more LOTR) and a Lady (so all medieval) and then my little man who just turned 2 was a dragon. Last year we all did TOS. We got more stares and compliments than I thought possible. A few of the lame parents not in costume sneered.. but we looked awesome.

  15. I take it you're pissed about the addition of Hayden Christiansen to Ep 3, too. My husband wasn't too thrilled, either. Being a sailor/Star Wars nerd, he uttered things that should never be said in the presence of a lady. Good thing I'm not a lady–I laughed at him. Because I'm the Trekkie.

  16. For the first time in 5-7 years, I did not spend a week at Disneyland. Instead, I stayed home, handed out candy, and played World of Warcraft. Still no Headless Horeseman's mount. Sadness.

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