Who, Pray Tell, Wouldst One Call Upon?

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I’ve reshuffled my Patreon rewards so that the Potter and Daughter Podcast is unlocked at $1750 instead of $2000. We’ve already recorded 4 or 5 episodes and I’m anxious to get it out in the world.

potter and daughter podcast logo hijink ensue

When my Patreon reaches $2000/month  $1750/month I’m going to release a new podcast where upon I interview my 7 years old daughter as she reads through the Harry Potter series. It’s called Potter And Daughter! More details HERE.

Of course we all know the proper title of the theme song to the popular film The Ghostbusting Gentlemen is “Who, Pray Tell, Wouldst One Call Upon? (Were One So Inclined).” Apologies for the use of brevity, despite it’s status as the soul of wit.

This comic closely reflects an actual conversation I had with a turtle-clad neighborhood ninja-child while trick and/or treating (heavy emphasis on the treat part). I explained what they do with the ghosts, to which he replied, “That doesn’t make any sense.” Of course it does. A spectral containment system utilizing a grid of intersecting, high power lasers makes perfect sense. So does a pan-dimensional gateway through which specters, apparitions, vapors and various phantasms are deposited and incarcerated. Ectoplasm doesn’t have mass, therefore the size of the rip in spacetime required to access the adjacent dimension could be infinitesimally small, thus requiring far less power than generating a gateway large enough to pass, say, a hot dog, a human or even a bunch of hot dogs!  It makes all the god damn sense in the world, you booger eater.

Is Your Incorporeal Clock Ticking?

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Me, Randy MilhollandDavid Willis, Danielle Corsetto, Jeph Jaques, Rob Denbleyker and MORE will be at the Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage panel/signing event on December 10th and 11th. It is always a good time. Austin Fancy Bastards should NOT miss it.

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HijiNKS ENSUE at Dragons Lair Webcomic Rampage

Of the recent slate of new shows, I’d have to say American Horror Story is probably my favorite. That title comes with an asterisk, however. The creators of the show, are also the creators of Nip/Tuck and Glee. Their pedigree screams, “GREAT CONCEPT! GREAT FIRST SEASON! THEN EVERYONE STARTS ACTING LIKE CARTOONS AND THE WHOLE THING TAKES THE SUCK TRAIN TO SHIT TOWN FOR 5 MORE SEASONS!!!” AHS has been showing some of the Nip/Tuck stink since day one (in that people, haunted or not, continually behave in ways that human beings would never behave, so much so that it begins to distract you from the story), but it has managed to balance that out by also keeping the plot moving and continually surprising the viewer.

It also suffers a bit from having no likable characters. Not one. Not one who is living, at least. Some of the ghosts are sympathetic, but they also suffer from being extremely one note as ghosts are wont to do. I get the idea that being stuck between realms with unfinished business might lead one to having a very singular focus, but eventually the ghosts constantly chanting their one desire over and over gets annoying. Add to that the fact and all of the living human characters are also dumb as tombstones and things get more annoying still. The ghosts are the only ones that seems to have understandable motivation. “I was murdered and I am pissed about that HAUNT HAUNT HAUNT” is more relatable than “If we move out of this crazy murder house where ghosts keep trying to murder us with ghost murder we would be upside down on the mortgage.” That said, these are flaws in what is still a VERY compelling show. Jessica Lange just steals the screen every time she’s on it. The whole thing is almost worth it just for her performance. I give it a strong recommendation, especially considering this week’s episode, which was a real game changer for the series. Just as it seemed like they had already run the entire course of the premise they have found a way to keep the family connected to the house for the foreseeable future, which is not contrived or lazy.

I do kind of want to see Quinto and the other ghost-gay get the babies. My Two Ghost Dads would be a fantastic phantasmic spin-off.

COMMENTERS: I was a little harsh on American Horror Story the first time around, but now I’ve warmed up to its cold, dead, etherial fingers. Have you given it a shot? What do you think? NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE, considering the severity of this week’s episode.

Something Strange And It Don’t Look Good

“George Hurt You” shirts are in the store!!!

Show Us On The Trilogy Where George Hurt You - funny star wars t-shirt, george lucas shirt, star wars parody

“Seriously! Who is that young ghost dude with the Sith-eating grin on his face? I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

I know I typically dress up the HE characters for HE-ween, but since I already did that for the “Fancy Bastards Assemble” print just last week I thought I would go in a different direction. Honestly, I was trying to figure out how to do this comic as a “costumes” gag, but in the end it just seemed forced. Either way, just remember that if the light’s green, the droid’s clean.

COMMENTERS: What were you for Halloween (besides drunk)? Feel free to post links to pics of your costumes in the comments. Any particularly fantastic Halloween costume stories? Kiddo wanted to be a ghost, so the wife and I made a SPOOKtacle of a costume, though it doesn’t top our homemade “Boo” costume from a few years back.

Josh IRL went as a character from his company’s game Borderlands called Salvador.

Borderlands Salvador Halloween Costume By Josh Jeffcoat

[more pics here]

I have no idea how he cell shaded himself (which is different than blue-ing oneself). He’s come such a long way since Gaytos.

BONUS COMIC: Since he is still without power I decided to send Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content a guest comic. It features a character he, Randy and I created last year  in Austin, TX named Sergei. All you need to know about Sergei is he is a man of means. Whatever you need, he can get it. Or something close to it.

Questionable Content Guest Comic - Sergei - by Joel Watson Of Hijinks ENSUE

He’s a pirate first, and a ghost second

Here’s the 2nd in what is shaping up to be a 3 part Lost series. So you’ve seen the finale by now. Halfway through the super-secret flash forward I had it figured out. Being the studious gadget geek that I am, it was impossible to miss Jack’s Motorola KRZR (the “K” is for krazy), which would have been released in 2006. He might as well have been listening to “Jesus Take The Wheel” and buying tickets to Bad Mother Fucker Jedi vs. The Wicked Serpents.

About the comic. It was a toss up between “Zoinks” and “Jinkys.” Much like Sophie, I had to make a choice. I imagine the next scene would be Locke pulling off Jacob’s rubber mask coated in phosphorescent paint and revealing “it was Old man Hanso from the abandoned DHARMA station all along!” and then throwing a Bowie-knife into his back.

On a side note; in a very Howard Hughes-esque move, Jacob seems to jar his own urine. Perhaps he’s also a reclusive billionaire who’s trying to build a fancifully large wooden plane.