So Much Ado, So Little Time

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this “Fighting Time Lords” shirt for you! No, really. Specifically FOR YOU.

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[For the confusified…]

The man is a machine! And not the “rise up and destroy humanity” kind. He’s more the “I’m making the biggest super hero movie of all time, but I’ve got a weekend off so I guess I gather up all my geek actor friends and make a different movie” kind of machine. I’m not sure of which type I should be more afraid. I mean, as long as Joss Whedon has positive outlets in which to channel his remarkable drive and creativity, I think we’re more or less safe. But what if we have another writers’ strike or some kind of worldwide moratorium on filmed geekiness? What then? I’m talking doomsday devices, cyborg armies, skyscraper-sized monitors barking quipy dialog and cardigans… CARDIGANS FOR ALL! Can the humanity survive a ginger despot with endless supplies of both imagination and ambition? You know how he likes to kill off characters.

COMMENTERS: Whedon came up with the Buffy musical because he and the cast would sit around and play songs and have sing alongs. He made “Much Ado” because he would host impromptu Shakespeare readings at his home. What other “me and my buddies” hangin’ out activity do you think Joss should make a movie about next? Backyard BBQ with Neil Patrick Harris (OMGWTFBBQNPH)? Alternately, what other public domain work would you like to see Whedon adapt?

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  1. It's not really public domain, but I'd really like to see Joss's take on The Lord of the Rings (or the Silmarillion, I'm not that picky).

  2. One of my favorite filmmakers has made a film adaptation of my favorite play starring Captain Hammer as the fool. Just that in itself is a blessing from the nerd gods.

    I am so very, very happy.

    • I know, right!? It's gonna be a geekalicious geektastic geekavaganza!
      I just hope it makes it over here to Europe in some theatrical/festival form so I don't have to wait for the DVD (which I will probably buy anyway).

    • That would be awesome BUT, I don’t think “The Boys” could ever be made into a movie that even comes close to representing the anarchy that is in that comic. Garth Ennis is hands down my favorite comic author of all time. Joel, have you ever met him? IMHO “Hitman” would make the best movie of all of garths work, with Tarrentino/Whedon’s love child directing. “preacher” would work best as a HBO type tv series as long as they kept as close as possible to the books. Some of Garths zanier super hero comics would be fun. Kevin Smith directing “The Pro”. Zack Snyder directing “Punisher kills the marvel universe”. I’m geeking out right now. Also on topic, the super man issue of Hitman, is one of the greatest superman comics I have ever read. As an immigrant himself, Garth captures what Supes is about more than any native born American could IMHO.

  3. Victorian murder mysteries around the house sounds like a good way of passing the time. Also, I seem to recall Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright visiting him recently. If they were to join in on the fun and games, I would not be opposed.

  4. He must have been exposed to some gamma radiation on the set of the Avengers. Now, when he gets creative, he turns into an unstoppable directing monster.
    "You're making me creative. You won't like me when I'm creative."

    • "You're making me creative. You will like me when I'm creative (just like you'd like me if I gave you the cinematic equivalent of a monkey poo)." Don't forget, this is Joss Whedon we're talking about.

  5. I see Joss and Company doing selected readings from the works of Alan Moore. This of course leads to him rebooting The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen after a day of Mina Harkness this and Dorian Grey that.

  6. I don't know why, but RobertJ75's comment made me think of a Whedon version of some of Poe's work. (spoiler: in the Whedon version the raven dies).

    Also, while all of the "Pride and Prejudice and Zombie" type adaptations kind of make me want to remove my own eyeballs – I feel like if Joss took it on, that could become funny and charming instead of tired. Joss'd.

    Or Sherlock Holmes. With Simon Pegg and Fran Kranz. It would be nerd-tastic. And Watson would probably die.

  7. Ummm….how about ten more seasons of Firefly?


    Howse about Hijinks, the movie, the musical?
    Nathon Fillion could be Joel, Alison Hannigan could be Josh, Adam Bladwin could be Eli

    no wait I've got more
    How about Joss and company make a live action version of Home Movies???
    Okay I'll stop now

  8. I can just imagine the scene in Whedon's head.
    "Hmmm, So Branagh is making a superhero movie. I shall retaliate by making my own version of "Much Ado", only without Keanu Reeves and with lady bait Nathan as Dogberry,

  9. Actually I would love to see him pull of the Geek Documentary,…..kind of like "Trekkies" but covering Cons in general. Maybe call it "Con: The Good, the Bad, and the Geek",… maybe have William Shatner voice over the opening credits and end with "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN",..then just have Joss, Nathan, and maybe Tudyk going to cons and filming almost "guerrilla style" ,……

    • Youre in luck since he's already made that movie with Morgan Spurlock and it's coming out next year. Its about San Diego ComicCon 2010.

  10. I think he should team up with th h.p. lovecraft historical society and do there next movie, I think Nathan fillion would be perfect for the protagonist for rats in the walls.

  11. Dear Mr Whedon, can you and your casually awesome friends discuss Community at this evenings BBQ?

    *Now my might can't stop thinking about when Whedon would get trapped in a bank heist and all he can do is talk with Abed…a lot*

  12. While I am truly excited about the film, I think that the thing that most people seemed to have glossed over is this paragraph in the press release:

    "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is the first feature from Bellwether, a micro-studio
    created by Joss Whedon and Kai Cole for the production of small, independent narratives
    for all media, embracing a DIY ethos and newer technologies for, in this particular case, a
    somewhat older story."

    If anyone has the ability (and motivation) to redefine the industry, it's Joss Whedon.

    As they say on the Firefly forums….. *Squee*

    • My favorite part of the press release:

      "The film should be completed by early spring and headed for the festival circuit, because it is fancy."

  13. he could always make a movie about making a series, kind of like action with jay mohr (one of the best things hes done), but we already know how it will end.

  14. I don't have any idea as to what he should do next – I just know I want him to do it! (also whatever I'll be able to think of won't be even close to the mind-bending-and-blowing-stuff he'll ACTUALLY do so yeah… )

    also – I'm giggling (in a very NOT 14 year old girl way too!) about the fact that Mr Whedon (yes i'm classy like that) seems unable to NOT wear that shirt even in a comic! detail-FTW!

  15. A full orchestral remake of Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos a la "Peter and the Wolf":

    "From here on out, the madness-inducing eldrich abomination will be represented by the oboe."

    • While I am partially of Scottish origin, I would say bagpipes instead. Admittedly, a bagpipe with a French horn, a saxophone and a Theremin attached to the drones, but a bagpipe nevertheless.

  16. If Joss Whedon Makes a Musical i will buy it. if the actors in that musical are awesome and familiar to me from Joss’s other works thatll make it 200 percent. i don’t care if it’s two girls one goatse turn off the dark. as long as Joss is involved it’ll kick ass.

  17. I want to see Joss Whedon's take on history. Civil War by Whedon. WWII by Whedon.

    Or maybe Whedon plus alternate history.

    "I'm Joss Whedon. I can do whatever the hell I want and it will A) never air on Fox, and B) be beloved in the world of geekdom forever."

  18. >Alternately, what other public domain work would you like to see Whedon adapt?

    Okay, you know how Forbidden Planet was "The Tempest" in space? So, for his next stealth project, Joss picks another Shakespeare play…and sets it in The 'Verse. Could be aboard Serenity, could just be any old ship. Could be "The Merchant Of Venice" with Niska out to get a pound of flesh from Mal. Or, he could do "Richard III" with a limping war vet out to become President of the Alliance.

  19. >Alternately, what other public domain work would you like to see Whedon adapt?

    R.U.R. – Rossum's Universal Robots. the 1920 play from which the term "robot" entered the language. (Not kidding; look it up.) Whedon could make this thing FLY.

  20. Oh my god, I think I've finally completed the archive… now I'm super sad. Joel, you need to start writing roughly 15-30 comics per day so I have something to do at work!!

    Also, Joss Whedon is my God. Buffy started when I was 16, and I have loved The Whedon above all others since that day. The man could film paint drying and I'd pay to see it. I'm sure it would be witty and self-deprecating somehow. Plus, Much Ado About Nothing is easily in my top 5 Shakespeare plays, so everything about this is orgasmic.

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