People With Idiot Cat Brains: A Bug

Hey! It’s another “People With Idiot Cat Brains!” Here’s the previous installmentsWhen my cat, Tivo, was young he would catch grasshoppers, chase them around the house, then systematically maim them, reducing their mobility and life expectancy a little bit at a time. Finally, he’d take it one step too far, bop it pretty good on the thorax or whatever, and stare puzzled as to why it was no longer half-hopping and spastically twitching around our living room.

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Nowadays, both of our cats will just sort of sit in one spot, transfixed on a moth or junebug that’s made its way inside. They are infinitely interested in its activities, yet infinitely disinterested in moving their lazy asses in order to effect any change on its circumstance. If it happens to cross within an arm’s length radius of one of the cats, a couple of quick bops, and it’s a motionless pile of formerly-a-bug. Then they stare at it for another couple of hours for good measure.

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  1. “then systematically make them” – I know this is probably the result of some sort of spellcheck glitch. You can delete this comment, just wanted to point it out.

  2. My cat used to bring grasshoppers into the living room, chase them around at us a bit, then eat them. That horrible, horrible crunching noise. D:

    Then she’d leave the big legs for me to clean up, the jerk.

  3. My husband and I sat, facinated, for a half hour, watching Autumn stalk, play with, then eat a large cricket one night. Eh. It was better than what was on tv.

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