How Many Lights Do You See?

Here’s (I believe) THE FINAL redrawn/recolored FANEURYSM comic. You can see the original here, and read the blog post I wrote back in April 2014 below.

The Star Trek: TNG episode “Chain Of Command Pt. 2″ is such a wonderful hour of television. Patrick Stewart just DESTROYS your preconceived notions about cheesy acting in Star Trek or in science fiction in general. He Shakespeares THE SHIT out of that final torture scene. Picard is a man physically and mentally broken, but his will triumphs in the face of unbearable pain and almost total, partial nudity. Cardassians, man. Fucking Cardassians.


Here’s a T-Shirt I made about how much people care about fictional depictions of long past interstellar conflicts.

HijiNKS ENSUE I have opinions about Space Wizards - Star Wars t-shirt

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  1. Measure of a Man is my benchmark for “I will monologue the FUCK out of this stage and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

  2. Hey Joel, I’m curious. I *LOVED* these strips when they first came out as Faneurysms, but to my sensabilities, I didn’t need a recolor or reworking of it to be any more excellent than it was originally.

    As an artist, how often are you driven by the “one more layer, one more retouch” on a project. Do you EVER feel like you’re done?

    I ask this as a musical composer who never knows when to quit on a song. . . .

    • This wasn’t about “finishing” the comics. There was a certain aesthetic I was going for with FANEURYSM and it doesn’t fit in with Sharksplode’s greater detail and full color. The whole purpose of recomposing and recoloring these strips for Sharksplode is that FANEURYSM was intended to be an entirely new, long running comic. Since it only ran for a few months everything I did with it would likely be completely looked over/forgotten. This way i can integrate these strips into my current project and give them a longer life and bigger audience.

    • And, to answer your question, I don’t approach comics that way. I typically know exactly how I want the finished product to look when I start. Rather than finish and keep tweaking, I tweak along the way (especially during the sketching process) so that when it comes time to ink and color all of the tough decisions have already been made.

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