…Like It’s 10 Years After 1999

I am actually late for Eli’s New Year’s party, so I will have to update this post in the new year. After my fridge exploded today (true story) I was just glad to get the comic posted before 2009.


Post your New Years plans or best/worst New Years stories in the comments. Be safe, be happy, have fun and kiss someone REALLY HARD!

(Anyone that makes real Josh Juice, drinks it AND can prove it gets a prize.)

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  1. Damnit Fox, DAMNIT. First Fanboys now this. Well, It'll all work out in the end, even if the end doesn't have a giant faux alien psychic squid. I'd make/drink the Josh juice, if I drank, but since I don't I'll wish you a happy new year from a magical land where it happens one hour sooner.

  2. Kinda surprised, but if you google search 'josh juice' HE isn't even in the top 5. Some kids facebook and another kids myspace are first…. Apparently people are actually named Josh Juice?

  3. Thanks for a great year of comics and have a great time to all of you, raise the Josh juice high!

    Slept through NYE but heading off to the after parties now. Hopefully none off the arrest reports will make it international, have fun!

  4. Oh god I have to show this to my friend…he would actually make and drink the Josh Juice, I think! *pained expression*

    Happy New Year, all you Fancy Bastards!

  5. Might have to write in to Good Eats and ask AB just _how_ you zest a suckling pig. Or maybe Williams Sonoma has a suckling pig zester.

    It's … it's a cookbook!!!!!

  6. "kiss someone REALLY HARD!"
    So is that the *kiss* that should be really hard, or the *person*? Because that could have two very different results.

  7. Did…did you just drop a bacon-related challenge to the internet? Bacon. And alcohol. And you just CHALLENGED the INTERNET. With PRIZES.

    You just opened the ark, Mr. Watson.

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