Fan Days Dallas 2012 Fancy Sketch

Fan Days Dallas was a good time. Thanks to everyone that came out and bought a thing or a sketch or whatever. It’s nice to be able to do a show near home and sleep in my own bed.

This particular artistic atrocity came from a reader asking for “mad science” themed drawings for his sketch book. He didn’t quite know what to make of it when I handed it over. He gave me this look that simultaneously said “What?” and “Why? Why would you?” Then his voice said those things as well. I’m not sure what Josh has intended for the double pig butt or what he did with the discarded front halves. Perhaps they’re sewn together in the other room, screaming… squealing… in perfect porcine harmony.


Guest Comic By Terry Blas Of Briar Hollow

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As I am travelling in the belly of an iron sky engine, or bird cannon as you may call it, anc likely braving a pack of deadly imaginary bloodwolves, please enjoy this guest comic by Terry Blas of Briar Hollow. Terry presented this oddly beautiful watercolor painting of Josh to me at Emerald City Comicon this weekend and, after realizing it was neither cookies or booze, I realigned me expectations and graciously accepted. It really is fantastic, if not disturbingly arousing… I mean confusing… I mean who’s hungry?

Thanks to all who came out to support me at ECCC. You have reaffirmedkey belief that ECCC is the best comics show there is and Seattlites (rainfolk, or mistkind) are a kind, enthusiastic and generous bunch. More so than any other show, you guys make me feel likes rock star.

Additional thanks to Blind Ferret for being gracious booth hosts, wonderful business partners and good friends all weekend. I love those Canadical sonsobitches.

COMMENTERS: This weekend I took maple tequila shots out of hollowed out Cadburry eggs. We called them “Sadburry eggs” but they were anything but. They were quite fantastic actually. Is there a weird ass drink/candy/food/tile grout compound that you have tried or would like to try? Is anyon willing to make their own Sadburry Eggs and post the videos and/or recipes online?

Guest Photo Comic By Josh A. Cagan


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JoCo Cruise Crazy II Guest Week hasn’t sunk yet! We are taking on water, but the Coulton has assured us that the crew only left on all the lifeboats to get help. How deep is the ocean? Should I be wearing long pants or would shorts be more appropriate? Hey look! Fish!

CAAAAAAAAGAAAAAAN!!! Seriously, scream his name. It’s like it was went ONLY to be screamed with your eyes gazing heavenward at a vengeful god, demanding justice for some great Internet atrocity. One of my favorite outcomes of SDCC 2011 (other than seeing Adam Savage trying on his new custom Batman armour, getting shot on stage at w00tstock 3.0 by Amy Berg, and various other “this can’t really be happening” adventures) was meeting Josh A. Cagan. I feel like we were probably introduced by Wil Wheaton, but then again it could have been that we both dodged an evil wizard’s curse a the same time and bumped heads taking cover behind a hotel lobby chair. That night is mostly a blur and I am positive there were wizard duels happening all over the place.

Josh is a screenwriter for movies and tv’s and what not. He is also a w00stock alum, one of the writers and actors for the Mtv animated serious Undergrads and last year he sold a script adapted from the highschool comedy novel “The Duff” to CBS Films. Regardless of any of this, he is one of the funniest people I have met in recent years. I strongly recommend, no DEMAND… no STRONGLY DEMAND… NO! STRONGBADLY RE-UNMAND that you follow him on Twitter. Your followage will be rewarded with real world laughs (out loud laugh or OLL’s, while not guaranteed, are highly likely). Once he tweeted me so LOL that I whatever this is.

If you are going to be in Calgary for the Calgary Expo April 27-29 you can see Josh participate in a 10 year anniversary panel for Undergrads at the convention. Fans of Clone High should definitely check out Undergrads. It was another in the long tradition of Mtv animated shows that were poorly marketed, horribly time-slotted and far too funny for that network. I will be there for the show, the panel and the after show/panel drinks as well. As Josh has told me, “I would warn all the beers, but they don’t stand a chance.”

COMMENTERS: Please make your own list of terrible guest comic ideas. Feel free to quickly and horribly photoshop any of yours or anyone else’s and link them in the comments. Alternately, what was your favorite “cancelled too soon” animated show? Which network is the worst about making sure to produce fantastic animated shows, then make them impossible to find on their schedule or constantly preempt them for sports, singing competitions or reality TV? Oh, all of them? They all do this? Do tell.

A Moment Of Realization

If you are waiting on your copy of HE Book 2, PLEASE READ THIS!!!

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My wife reminded me that last week was the 3 year anniversary of The Experiment. Wow. I have no idea how that happened (or how it continues to happen every day). You can read more about The Experiment HERE, show your support by DONATING HERE or purchase something delightful for yourself HERE. You can also read my 2 year Experimentiversary write up HERE. Thanks again for allowing me to continue this wonderful and fulfilling job.

Oh yeah, I snuck in a Lo-Fi Comic HERE.

OMG this comic is so dumb. I’m sorry. Sometimes I get these horribly pointless ideas stuck in my head and I have to expunge them from my brains and onto your eyes, dearest Internet, before I can move on and grow as a person. A couple of nights ago I was watching TV and kept seeing two commercials. One about how kids HATE being forced to eat delicious Pop-Tarts and LOVE being forced to eat delicious, but infinitely more complicated Toaster Strudels. If there’s one thing I know about kids (having been one and currently being the owner of one), it’s that they DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want delicious, icing coated cake-pastries for breakfast… unless they are Toaster Strudels brand. They’re alway like, “AWWW MANNNN! Pop-Tarts again?! COCKS TO THAT! Gimme some’o those Toaster Strudels with the infuriating icing packet!”

The other commercial was about this vat covered in knobs and dials that you could cook an entire turkey in. It was like a crock-pot, but for turkeys. Somehow it was better than an oven. Maybe it’s one of those deals where you find yourself cooking 7 or 8 whole turkeys a week and need to free the oven up for less poultry endeavors.

Somehow or another those two adverts made a stupid commercial baby in my brain hole and now you can [enjoy?] it.

UPDATE: See the alternate facial expression for Josh’s “awakening” in this post in The Vault [subscribers only]. You can also download several different avatars for Josh’s face from the final panel.


Guest Comic By Jerry Nowlin of

While I am living it up (ie not sleeping, working long shifts with no breaks, being a sub minor internet celebrity for a select few geeks) at Emerald City Comic Con, Fancy Bastard and fellow webcartoonist Jerry Nowlin was kind enough to make you all a comic to read and direct your LOLs toward.

Check out his comic Truly Epic or you will truly regret it (that rhymes if you read it right). The keenest and fanciest of you will remember Josh’s unfortunate tattoo choice from this comic.

So anywhatever, if you are in the Seattle area please come down to ECCC and say hi to me and every other webcartoonist. I am in the artist alley at table M-06, just down the way from the big ass Topatoco booth. Josh may or may not be with me for part of the day on Saturday. Follow me on Twitter for updates on his whereabouts and level of sobriety.

Super special thanks to Jade and Dov for hosting me at their home this weekend and to Paul and Ben of the webcomic Woody After Hours for shuttling me around town in their party van. See, kids? Some times it pays to get into a van with strangers.

A SERIOUS THING: Even more special thanks to all of you who sent your kind words and well wishes for my mom after her very serious car accident. She is at my house resting and recovering now and doing quite well all things considered. I appreciate you directing some positive vibes our way during a very troubling week and for not calling me out on the lack of comics this week.