IG-88 And The Stooges

They are only $15! They will never be printed again, so get ’em while you can.

Some of the Fancy Bastards and I played a Twitter game Thursday night with the hashtag #StarWarsBands. Fun times were had by all. I came up with the idea for the meme on the way home from picking up dinner that night, jotted a few notes in my phone, then started posting them as soon as I got home. Unbeknownst to me, another Twitterer had started the same meme the night before. Maybe it’s just a constantly perpetuating meme with no beginning or end. Dexie’s Midnight Kessel Runners, Prince And The New Power Converter, and May The Force Be With Uriah Heep! See what I mean?

Feel free to add your own Star Wars Bands in THE COMMENTS, but make sure your idea hasn’t already been done.

Thanks to these Fancy Tweeters who’s contributions made it into this comic: WTFisCLBcartergilsonTheAlucinautDRCrostonHermetic,
d20monkeyvemenesandchigger, and Sir_Stepho.

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  1. The Taun Taun Club.
    Panic at the Mos Eisley Cantina.
    Florence and the Millennium Falcon.
    The All-American Rebel Alliance.
    Tie Foo Fighters.
    Queen Amidala of the Stone Age.
    Toad the Wet Sprocket.

    the last one will only be funny to me and one other person in this world. when i'd first heard of Toad the Wet Sprocket, i thought, "what the crap is that, Jabba's snack?"…true story

    • actually, when my friend said, "have you heard of Toad the Wet Sprocket?" and i said something about it being a snack for Jabba…she didn't get it. so never mind, i'm the only person who thinks it's funny.

  2. Holy cow I'm mentioned up there & my joke is in the strip! Super fancy happiness achieved! Thanks, Mister Joel, sir.

    & in all honesty I think the one I was most proud of besides Empire Weekend was "She & Han."

  3. Dropkick Nerfherders
    Led Mon Calamari Cruiser (shortened to just Cruiser when the fact that they rule needs to be carved into a high school desk)
    Reel Bigger Fish

    Well, that covers all the bands in my iTunes that this is easy for…

  4. How 'bout Carbonite Leaf
    or the Thompson Jedi Twins
    or a Flock of Mynocks
    or the Wookie-Twi'lek Soundsystem
    or Evasive Maneuvers in the Dark
    or Jango Tull
    or They Might be Rancors
    or Kessel Spice Girls
    or REO Landspeeder
    or Bachman Turner Hyperdrive
    or C+C Droid Factory
    or Juno Main Reactor
    or Ace of Rebel Base

    Ok, I'm done

  5. How about:
    Leah in Chains
    Black Rebel Society
    The Arctic Ewocks
    Cage the Rancor
    Kool & the Alliance
    Red 5
    Droid Puppets
    Shiny Toy Blasters

  6. Rancorteurs?

    The Hoth Sequence?


    OldRepublic? or for that matter NewRepublic

    Reliant t-K-421?

    Empire Space Power….yeah that one is bad, so is 3PO!3

  7. The Barenaked Twilleks

    The Tuscan Soundclash

    Scissor Sith(ers)

    Snow Troopers (Snow Patriol)

    TayLOrd of the Sith (ft)



  8. I know I'm days late, but I thought I'd humbly suggest:

    RC/DC (or A2-D2)
    Alien Moisture Farm
    Blue Mïlk Cult
    Boba McFerrin
    Calamari Conspiracy
    Forcekick Murphys
    Huey Lewis & The New Republic
    IG-88 and The Stooges
    Lando Cohen
    Womp Ratt
    Sith Row
    Chewie and the Banshees

    That's all I can think of.

  9. I know this is late, just got into Hijinks ENSUE and reading through the back catalog.

    The Sith formerly known as Anakin

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