I Mean About Future Calamity

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Enjoy this Lo-FijiNKS comic while I am at Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin this weekend and with David, Danielle, Randy, Jeph, Bill, and  Josh.

Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Vol 2! Listeners to the HE Podcast will know that conversations with Eli in real life often take unexpected and indecipherable twists and turns. What you see above is a fictional account of a conversation that never took place, but easily could have and in an alternate universe, probably did. Speaking of alternate universes, the writers over at Fringe seem to have a sense of humor since they did actually name their first episode in the FOX Friday Night Death Slot “Firefly.” I assume the next few episodes will be entitled “Dollhouse,” “Terminator: TSCC,” “Dark Angel” and… oops. Cancelled.

Also speaking of alternate universes, I wrote two scripts for this comic and decided to make them both. Here’s the alternate. [click to embiggen, then click AGAIN to fully embiggen]

I Mean About Future Calamity - Alternate

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  1. Dang……..this brings a smile to my face, and a tear to my eye……….Has it been eight years since Firefly changed my life forever?? **sniff**

  2. Why even have a Friday Night Death Slot anyway? Wouldn't it be cheaper to fill the time with, say, pictures of cute kittehs, The interweb thingy is full of them, I'm sure a 42 minute program could be made for like twenty bucks, (and would probably get a bigger share than all of that Science Fiction gubbins).

  3. Could somebody explain to this poor, unknowing bastard why Friday night is called the "death slot"? Seems to me it'd be the opposite, since Friday nights aren't packed with homework or occupational projects like the rest of the week, thus giving more time for TV viewing…

    • Apparently, *everyone* in the US is out on a Friday night between 6.30pm & 11pm so any programmes shown then are doomed to die for lack of ratings.

      I personally would like to know what all the burglars are doing at this point.

  4. I knew a man who played the glass armonica. The instrument took away his fingerprints. You'd think that would make him the perfect criminal. In reality, it just makes his conversations at parties mildly interesting.

  5. "That doesn't even…I…I've already lost interest"…

    I have no idea why, but that line in particular is just hilarious to me, esp. coupled with your almost closed eyes, as if the whole thing is so exhausting you cannot be bothered to wake up enough to fight about it.

  6. I think, in addition to the major themes of the comic, little details like the Squirrel Nut Zippers reference, a book cover prominently featuring Silverhawks, and the frequent use of the word "embiggen" are incontrovertible proof that somehow you've been hanging out with me for my entire life, and I just haven't noticed you there.

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