Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage 2010 Fancy Sketches

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Thanks to all who came out to Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin this weekend. Especially the wonderful staff at Dragon’s Lair and my co-guests and friends David, Danielle, Randy, and Jeph. If you are in the Austin, TX area and find yourself in need of comics, trades, table top gaming supplies, or a place to do said table top gaming, you really need to give Dragon’s Lair a visit.

Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Vol 2! I recorded the audio from the 2 panels we did over the weekend in hopes of turning them into a podcast. Assuming the files are intelligible I will do my best to edit them together into something you will enjoy that it not 4 hours long.

Here are some photos from the show courtesy of @Merbrat, and here are some custom baby onesies that we all drew on for Athene.

I also want to draw special attention to the fact that The United States Postal Service stole one of David’s boxes of books and replaced it with half a blender. To make up such a thing would be ludicrous. To actually have it happen in real life is almost sublime. Just look at his sad puppy face.

If you need something from the HE store before Dec 24th (like maybe some HE Holiday cards), you need to order RIGHT NOW! Check out the [recently moved up] shipping deadlines at the top of THIS PAGE.

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  1. Well, I guess that gives an all new meaning to the word POKEMON! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……
    Upon reflection, I'm deeply ashamed of myself.

  2. Had a great time talking Battlestar Galactica with you; looking forward to getting my book 2 when it finally arrives! I'll definitely have to see if I can make one of the panels next year.

  3. I read these sketches from left to as if they were a comic, and it made sense as a story. I think there may be something wron with me.

  4. I think that "Letting the Wookie win" has great potential as a euphemism for bears to use…I'm not sure what the exact usage should be, but I think it's worth pursuing!

  5. Hahah, the sketch on the top-right with Josh and Pikachu was made for me as a gift from my boyfriend. < 3

    It was not what he expected, but it's awesome, either way… and I apologize to the Pikachu for saying so.

  6. I had to work this weekend, so I couldn't make the drive up to Austin. Bummed about that, because I wanted to meet y'all and Jeph from QC. I'm gonna have to buy the book now, though, on the sheer strength of Silverhawks.

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