Of Coins, Rings And Regret

Randy and I shared a table at Austin Comic-Con. There were tons of HE and S*P readers there and we both had a great time. We even did a meat-fueled reader meetup at Ironworks BBQ, which was also… OH GOD DAMNIT! MEATUP! WHY DID I JUST NOW THINK OF THIS?!?!? THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! Oh well.

HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at Topatoco

Anyway, there was a strange¬†phenomenon¬†at the show whereby children kept taking Randy up on the offer proposed by his “FREE SKETCHES” sign. The interesting thing about this is that Randy produces content that isn’t safe for most adults, let alone ANY children. I mean, maybe those kids with the machine guns I see on the news could take it, but soft, weak American children? No way. He must have drawn a dozen Marios, Luigis, kittens and other non-offensive characters. Perhaps the kiddos were encouraged by his “8-Bit Dante’s Inferno” poster, or the fact that he had just shaved off his hobo-beard the day before and appeared slightly less like someone who’s “free sketches” came with an invitation to the candy van.

Those of you Austin-dwelling comics fans who didn’t make it to the show will have another chance to stare and me, Randy and many of your other favorite webcartoonists sometime around December 11th at the Dragon’s Lair Webcomics Rampage at Dragon’s Lair Comics in Austin. Check back soon for specifics.

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  1. I'm so sad that my first thoughts were:
    "My GOD I need to go to one of those cons. And I would, if i had the cash to do so. And I have actually thought about this, and I feel that ideally I should wear a Sexy Fluffmodeus costume and bring Randy a gift of mini chocolate brains (really, they make those). In this scenario, I would greet him with, "Hello new friend! I coated bunny-rabbit brains with chocolate for you. When I killed them, they screamed like my heart screams with love for you!"
    Then after the restraining order was waived, I'd request a drawing of James Joyce being made a nullo. I dunno if Randy's familiar with that, but it's important to stress in the drawing that the penis is partly inside the body, so you kinda have to dig around a little."

    I apologize for my brain. By the way, I have to read your entire archive now.

    • Come on down to San Jose, CA next May. Every Memeorial Day weekend we have FanimeCon, the fan run convention for anime fans. It's a hoot! We also have WonderCon in San Francisco, but the date varies between late Febuary to early April. You just might find me there!

  2. Damn, how come I never saw that free sketches sign? I was gonna buy a commission off of you, but I blew my cash wad before I could do so. Oh well, at least I bought an Edward shirt off of you.

      • Yes, but to be fair I've heard rumors that you're open to taking "payment" for drawing commissions in trade*.

        (*And by that I mean remember to bring a mint for yourself for afterward.)

        • right. Because after I take your cash you go buy some coffee and then you need a mint. Im SURE thats what you meant.

          • Yes, "coffee"…hot long meaty "coffee".

            By the way Joel, have you stopped eating asparagus before conventions lately? I only ask because some of us think it means you really like your fans.

  3. It's his soul beard. It's his dark, dirty, scraggly soul beard. It's the facial hair equivalent of a halo….. but nastier and a lot less angelic. Even when he's clean shaven his soul beard is there, generating it's aura of "Do Not Touch. Do Not Want". The legends of the soul beard are many fold and secret….. I've said too much, the soul beard won't like it. I must flee……………

    • Great gods. The way it was drawn, I thought Joel was sharing a booth with Alan Moore. Then I read the strop. Alan Moore wouldn't have been anywhere near that frightening.

  4. So, when you're done goofing-off in Texas, how about checking Australia out? I have never been to a con, but I think I could shelve my fear of being surrounded by fat old men in sailor scout uniforms to get something personalised…

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