He Rises

I’m traveling for most of October and into November, so it’s time for an EXPERIMENT. I asked Twitter and Facebook to give me ideas for the first panel of a comic. Then I take those ideas and have to make an entire comic that comes AFTER that first panel! For this week the suggestion is “A man with a dog calls 911.” Since I’m at NYCC this week, I’ll be mostly reusing the art, but the dialog is all new.

My Patreon Patrons will be getting ENTIRELY different comics than the ones posted on this site. You’ll be getting 4-5 comics this week, and they’ll be getting TEN. Sign up to be a Patron and you’ll get them all too!

I have enough suggestions to go for months, but if you want to toss yours in the mix, please do it via Twitter, @hijinksensue and using the hashtag #1stPanel.

Do you want A TON of bonus, extra and alternate comics from the ones that appear on this site?! Do you want to support my ability to make a living from creating weird comics?! Then my Patreon is THE PLACE for you. Every little bit helps and is QUITE appreciated.


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  1. Look up Full Metal Alchemist and look at their chimera which was made up of a girl and a dog then add dragon/bat-like wings to its back and there you have it….

    • Goddamn, it’s like every webcomic/comments section is somehow referencing that same bit of FMA this week. It’s kinda creepy (and damn if that wasn’t a messed up situation)

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