He Rises

I’m traveling for most of October and into November, so it’s time for an EXPERIMENT. I asked Twitter and Facebook to give me ideas for the first panel of a comic. Then I take those ideas and have to make an entire comic that comes AFTER that first panel! For this week the suggestion is “A man with a dog calls 911.” Since I’m at NYCC this week, I’ll be mostly reusing the art, but the dialog is all new.

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Let’s All Flee To The Lobby


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I took my wife to see The Dark Knight Rises friday night. I have SO MANY OPINIONS about the film itself, but I will probably save them for a subsequent post. The theater was understandably less packed than one would expect on an opening weekend at 8pm. Considering the tragedy in Colorado only 14 or so hours earlier, I assume many people just didn’t feel like enjoying anything. My real hope was that people weren’t staying home out of fear of some sort of copycat attack. That said, I did find myself eyeballing everyone that stood up during the film or entered/exited the theater after the lights went down. I felt silly and a little ashamed, but then AMC Theaters seemed to take it upon themselves to TOTALLY REINFORCE AND VALIDATE my twinge of fear by running the terrifyingly inappropriate emergency exit message seen in panels 1 and 2 above.

As soon as it started with “In case we need to escape for REAL…” I began to feel ill at ease. “Move a safe distance so you really can’t see what’s going on.” Was this a joke? I immediately thought it was a DIRECT RESPONSE to the shooting in Aurora. I was amazed that they were able to record and distribute this promo so quickly. I posted about it on Twitter later that evening and come to find out, it’s several months old. This raises two poits: A) WHY THE ENTIRE FUCK didn’t AMC pull this reel immediately after the shooting? And B) Since it didn’t have anything to do with the shooting, why was it created in the first place? It seems like the intended it as a joke, but at what or whose expense? Was it released in conjunction with a horror movie? Context is everything. Completely out of context of the shooting, the warning is still creepy and ill conceived. In context of the shooting it’s unbelievably offensive. I had never noticed that message before, but at the time it really seemed like they were making light of the situation. I know that isn’t the case, and that it’s a terrible coincidence, but WHEN would a message like that be appropriate?

I wasn’t able to find a recording or a video of the message itself, but an intrepid reader was able to point me to this complaint filed by an AMC patron that proves I didn’t fever dream the whole thing.

COMMENTERS: I really do want to talk about TDKR, but this is a bit too somber of a comic, for an entirely too somber occasion to debate Bane’s motivation or how Nolan chose to wrap up with Bat-trilogy. So how about a slightly somber question? Has there ever been an event (personal or global, tragic or not) that caused you to immediately change or stop a previously frequent behavior? 

My personal example will be down in the comments.

La Mujer Gato y El Luchador Mal

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Personally I really do not care to see Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but I would love to see Catwoman done well on the big screen. Bruce needs to have a steady “normal” girlfriend who he is trying use to keep himself grounded in the real world, then BAM! Selina Kyle comes along and dickflips his world six ways from Sunday. I love how that particular Batman trope shows the duality of Bruce/Batman. How they are really two different people, which is something we haven’t seen in the Nolan films yet. He’s getting there, but you don’t have true Batman until he’s completely batnipples insane. All of this was perfectly explored in Batman: The Animated Series (which we all know is the best portrayal of Batman in any media).

COMMENTERS: What do you think of the villain choices? What about the actors? Any other characters or stories you would have preferred to see explored? This is probably Bale’s last Batman film. Where should the franchise go from here?