Put Your Lips Together And Blow

I’m traveling for most of October/November, so it’s time for an EXPERIMENT.
I asked Twitter and Facebook for the first comic panel ideas. Then I take those and make an entire comic that comes AFTER that first panel! For this week the suggestion is “A man with a dog calls 911.”.

My Patreon Patrons will be getting ENTIRELY different comics than the ones posted on this site. You’ll be getting 4-5 comics this week, and they’ll be getting TEN. Sign up to be a Patron and you’ll get them all too!

Patrons: Here’s your exclusive bonus alternate version of today’s comic!

I have enough suggestions to go for months, but if you want to toss yours in the mix, please do it via Twitter, @hijinksensue and using the hashtag #1stPanel.

Do you want A TON of bonus, extra and alternate comics?!  Then my Patreon is THE PLACE for you. Every little bit helps me continue to make a living, and is QUITE appreciated.


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  1. Stage left? That doesn’t work without a stage to go off of!

    I’m looking forward to the inevitable “man being held hostage by his dog” one of these (there will be one like that, right?) because I’ve been enjoying the crap out of this gag.

    • True story: I knew a woman of a maritime bent in a sea-port town who had a goat with an infected udder. The vet asked for a milk sample from each teat. She was about to label them “left” and “right” when she realized it might not be clear if she was talking about her left or the goat’s left.

      She labelled them “port” and “starboard”.

      • I watched a show about prisoners in the US who were allowed to work in dairy farms. This one prisoner was sad because one of his favorite cows had an infected teet and if it didn’t get better soon they were going to send her off for “processing.” I thought, “What a great metaphor for the patriarchy: Sorry. One of your tits has gone bad. Time to chop you up into hamburger.”

        • I’m torn between saying, “Ugh, you are so right” and going off into a diatribe about how devalued being both a woman and unattractive can feel (“So what the hell’s the point of you then?” is what it feels like society says (although not necessarily individuals), which is one of the reasons Fury Road is so awesome) so I’ll refrain from the latter and just say the former.

          The worst part is that a lot of the cows are given something that increases their milk production significantly; but also significantly raises their incidence of mastitis (which is an infected teat). Which is super painful and sucky even without them then going, “Welp, guess you’re hamburger now.”

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