Harmful If Ingested

I’m going to be in New York for NYCC all week, and almost immediately after I get home, I’m going to Austin, TX for Webcomic Rampage. This means this week we’re going to try an experiment. Last weekend I asked Twitter and Facebook to give me characters, settings and situations for the first panel of a comic. No dialog, no references, and just very simple set ups. Then I have to make an entire comic that comes AFTER that first panel! For this week I am going to try to make FIVE COMICS based on the suggestion “A man with a dog calls 911.” Since I’m going to be at a convention booth 10 hours a day, I will mostly be using the same art… mostly. I’ll toss in some weirdness where I can.

My Patreon Patrons will be getting ENTIRELY different comics than the ones posted on this site. You’ll be getting 4-5 comics this week, and they’ll be getting TEN. Sign up to be a Patron and you’ll get them all too!

In fact, they can see an alternate dialog version of this comic, RIGHT NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.04.47 AM

I am traveling for most of the rest of the month of October and the first week of November, so I hope you guys enjoy the #1stPanel comics since they will likely continue through October and into November. Hell, it’s been pretty fun so far. This might BECOME what Sharksplode IS. We’ll see. I have enough suggestions to go for months, but if you want to toss yours in the mix, please do it via Twitter, @hijinksensue and using the hashtag #1stPanel.

Do you want A TON of bonus, extra and alternate comics from the ones that appear on this site?! Do you want to support my ability to make a living from creating weird comics?! Then my Patreon is THE PLACE for you. Every little bit helps and is QUITE appreciated.


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      • I miss when people had common decency. Oh, wait. That was never.
        Why the fuck is he still reading if it is so torturous for him?
        Christ, navigate away from the page. Go back to 4chan.

      • HAHAHAHAH! I love Mitch. I saw him live once (for which I am very grateful). It was the most bizarre show. He decided after the 3rd joke that it was a bad show and he kept apologizing to the audience, but we were DYING the entire time. He had a double bass player on stage playing jazz riffs under all his jokes and he really did kill. He just didn’t realize it. He was dead just a few months later.

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