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JoCo Cruise Crazy II Guest Week hasn’t sunk yet! We are taking on water, but the Coulton has assured us that the crew only left on all the lifeboats to get help. How deep is the ocean? Should I be wearing long pants or would shorts be more appropriate? Hey look! Fish!

CAAAAAAAAGAAAAAAN!!! Seriously, scream his name. It’s like it was went ONLY to be screamed with your eyes gazing heavenward at a vengeful god, demanding justice for some great Internet atrocity. One of my favorite outcomes of SDCC 2011 (other than seeing Adam Savage trying on his new custom Batman armour, getting shot on stage at w00tstock 3.0 by Amy Berg, and various other “this can’t really be happening” adventures) was meeting Josh A. Cagan. I feel like we were probably introduced by Wil Wheaton, but then again it could have been that we both dodged an evil wizard’s curse a the same time and bumped heads taking cover behind a hotel lobby chair. That night is mostly a blur and I am positive there were wizard duels happening all over the place.

Josh is a screenwriter for movies and tv’s and what not. He is also a w00stock alum, one of the writers and actors for the Mtv animated serious Undergrads and last year he sold a script adapted from the highschool comedy novel “The Duff” to CBS Films. Regardless of any of this, he is one of the funniest people I have met in recent years. I strongly recommend, no DEMAND… no STRONGLY DEMAND… NO! STRONGBADLY RE-UNMAND that you follow him on Twitter. Your followage will be rewarded with real world laughs (out loud laugh or OLL’s, while not guaranteed, are highly likely). Once he tweeted me so LOL that I whatever this is.

If you are going to be in Calgary for the Calgary Expo April 27-29 you can see Josh participate in a 10 year anniversary panel for Undergrads at the convention. Fans of Clone High should definitely check out Undergrads. It was another in the long tradition of Mtv animated shows that were poorly marketed, horribly time-slotted and far too funny for that network. I will be there for the show, the panel and the after show/panel drinks as well. As Josh has told me, “I would warn all the beers, but they don’t stand a chance.”

COMMENTERS: Please make your own list of terrible guest comic ideas. Feel free to quickly and horribly photoshop any of yours or anyone else’s and link them in the comments. Alternately, what was your favorite “cancelled too soon” animated show? Which network is the worst about making sure to produce fantastic animated shows, then make them impossible to find on their schedule or constantly preempt them for sports, singing competitions or reality TV? Oh, all of them? They all do this? Do tell.

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  1. Remember when the Power Puff Girls did that 10th year anniversary episode a few years back? Provided the rest of the seasons had been more like that, I'd say that PPG was cancelled too early. I think Ed, Edd, and Eddy could have done really well if they had branched out and brought in more characters (I feel like they used up the ones they had pretty effectively). But the one that should never have been cancelled is, by far, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. That show was always pure gold in my book.

    Also, my guest comic would probably be this.
    Though I probably would have changed the alt text to be "butts butts butts" or something.

    • I agree. The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy was reaping the fruits of their hilarious, dark, labor. Then BAMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Cancelled. Ed, Edd, and Eddy was great too, and will always reserve a place in my heart and season collections. Why must all good cartoons die? Also, what they really screwed up was the Pokemon series. The first two seasons were good, then it dove fast and hard. Games are still good, but the series wants to make me want to commit suicide.

  2. I always felt Invader Zim was canceled way too soon. It had a unique kind of humor that most shows of that day had that appealed to both kids and adults. Samurai Jack never should have been canceled either. It's still a hope of mine that one day that show will be given a proper ending in some form. Honestly, thanks to netflix, I've gone back and watched plenty of both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon cartoons and had their humor age gracefully.

    In a reverse tweest, Dexter's Lab should NEVER have been renewed after the end of the original run. After Ego Trip was released, that should have been it. The "new" seasons didn't have any of the charm of the original run, and the style change was so jarring that I probably only ever watched a few episodes before giving up on it.

    • Definitely a shame! I love Invader Zim so very much. But I am just sure Nickelodeon was trying to censor him. I mean, his previous comics was about a hilarious serial killer. Samurai Jack was another shame. Why do they cancel the best things so soon?!

    • I couldn't stand Invader Zim growing up. The humor was so dark and I just couldn't stand it. Now it's an awesome show that I can enjoy, I think it just think it was ahead of its time. Or if it had been placed on something like Adult Swim where the age group was older.

      Samurai Jack was another one that got cut too soon. I loved that show! I thought I had heard it was finished in on the DVD releases though.

    • I always thought animated science fiction was tough enough to find, and even harder to do with a comedy mix. Zim had its faults, sure, but could have stood a proper ending, if nothing else. Frankly, I'm always a little annoyed when any show–especially a good one–doesn't get a proper end.

    • Yeah, Jack and Zim are the two Firefly-esque animated tragedies of the last ten years. You are absolutely correct.

  3. A photo-comic with boners as the gag? Did I wander into Chat Roulette?

    And as an inverse twist: Does anyone remember Fish Police and Capitol Critters? Those things couldn't be canceled quickly enough.

  4. Cartoon Network hit the gold mine with its great cartoons. Ed, Edd, and Eddy; The first couple seasons of Pokemon,The Grim Adventures, and so many others. I like to watch the little re-runs things they do, but now they just show the horribly undead remakes or extensions of our favorite shows. Cartoon Network is starting to act like they are part of Fox or something.

  5. Comic ideas: TV show crossovers based on time slot.
    Supernatural/Fringe – Superfringural
    Big Bang Theory/30 Rock – Big Bang 30
    Lost Girl/Alcatraz – AlcaGirl
    Walking Dead/Family Guy – Dead Peter Walking

  6. The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon from a few years back was phenomenal. It only got 2 seasons, but every episode was solid, the theme song was super catchy, and it really felt like a comic book perfectly transformed into a cartoon. You got to hear Pete's thoughts and could really understand what he was going through. I would have loved another season or two of that show.

    • Hell yeah! Cut down way to soon! They didn't even bring in one of Spider-man's greatest enemies, the kingpin! Think if the doors he would have opened!Spidey vs. Kingpin, and Bullseye, and maybe Electra! And he meets Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage,and some more street level heroes, in the 3rd season that only exists in my mind.

    • Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? That is not Joel's handwriting. That is….Josh's. Yes. That is definetly Josh's handwriting. No doubt about it. None what so ever. You need to go outside, get some fresh air, and forget about your silly little imaginary idea that that isn't Joel's handwriting.

  7. Sealab 2021, although the death of Captain Murphy's voice was the real downfall of the show. I could have used another season of Home Movies and I wish Batman: The Animated Series had gone on forever.

  8. The Maxx, The Head, Aeon Flux, Duckman… There used to be this incredibly-late-night line-up of just awesome animated series on one channel but then they all went away. Pretty much at the same time. *Sniff*

    Undergrads is/was fantastic. Is it still on? I ask because I really enjoy(ed) it but no longer have a TV. Got broadband Internet instead. 😉

  9. I think I was still avidly watching television when Toonami stopped being a thing. It had a plot. Sort of…
    Look, it was less likely to be completely populated by $300 live action shows, and $50 clip art shows…

    Honestly, though, I enjoyed that little robot nerd, who seemed for all the universe to essentially be a futuristic Disk Jockey, slumming in his lone ship, and entertaining the galaxy with shows about cavemen fighting dinosaurs and aliens with the help of their hairy, bouncy friends and pets. Or, say, about a cloaked, masked man upholding the law of the galaxy (and occasionally working with the aforementioned cavemen). Also I think they showed Fooly Cooly once. That's pretty cool.

  10. I always loved Sheep in the Big City. It didn't just lean on the fourth wall, it demolished it with a sheep-powered ray gun. It only got two seasons.

    Also I concur with the notion that not letting Samurai Jack wrap up properly was just criminal. That show was phenomenal.

  11. I personally find myself very happy that Arrested Development is making a comeback. Michael Cera's been playing nothing but George Michael in every movie he's been in since then anyway, may as well let him do the real thing again.

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