JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 Fancy Sketch/Photo Hybrid Comic Part 1

Fighting Time Lords hoodies are at Sharksplode right now! Wibbly Wobbly Hoodie Warmy! 

[Actually Posted on 2/29/2012]

I have returned from JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 a littler older (a week older actually), a little drunker (a LOT drunker actually) and perhaps a little wiser (or perhaps the sunburn has started to affect my mind). For the last two days (Monday and Tuesday as of this Wednesday-writing), I have been utterly useless. I have essentially been napping, sleeping or in some preparatory state for either for the last 48 hours (JoCo Snooze Lazy, amirite?). The week long luxury cruise I just got back from has left me tired and in need of rest… from all the luxury… and this is something I suspect you will not feel sympathy towards me for.

I am finding it hard to re-adjust to land-life. First of all, I somehow managed to bring the pitching and yawing of the ocean waves back onto land with me. I’m not even sure how I got them through customs, but I am definitely struggling for equilibrium like so many a sea-fairing,  shanty-singing scallawag. Supposedly this “land sickness” wears off in a few days, but it certainly makes giving a shit about much of anything with regards to productivity nearly impossible.

The second major adjustment centers around the fact the hoards of like-dressed men and women aren’t all too happy to cater to my every demand. “More prawns!” “Right away, sir.” “You, boy! A bucket of your finest everything!” “My pleasure, m’lord.” “I’d like a butter sculpture in my likeness delivered to my room and the rooms of each of my compatriots post haste! And if you forget to include a selection of toast triangles and assorted jams, it will be my cane against your backside!” “Of course, your majesty! Humblest apologies for my inevitable failure to meet your expectations.” Did you know on land they expect you to PAY for goods and services instead of just telling the merchant or shoppe keep your address? Pish and or posh!

Regardless of the many inconveniences of land-life and the onset of post-cruise-sad, I am happy to be home. This week I will be crafting mostly photo-based funnies for you from the over 1000 images I captured last week. Unfortunately, many of the photos I took feature celebrities, both Internet and actual, in various states of undress and thus must remain forever locked away in the vault (of the highest bidder… email me). There will be one more Sketch/Photo hybrid comic, followed by 2 -3 photo comics proper. Next week, regular comics will resume.

David and I were asked to draw the songbook covers for “A Night at the Empty Orchestra: The Rees/Tompkins Karaoke Invitational.” That night I sang “Mr. Roboto” by Styx .

That performance illustrates the magic of JoCo Cruise Crazy almost perfectly. The idea that you set out to do something with a preconceived notion in mind of how it’s going to play out, and through the participation and good will of others  the final result is something you could never have imagined. That type of unplanned awesome just KEPT. HAPPENING. ALL. WEEK. Hell, that’s a pretty good metaphor for this whole “make stuff, put it on the Internet, try to make a living at it” thing that myself and many of the JCCC2 particpants/performers are doing. So how soon can I start the fundraiser for the next cruise?

COMMENTERS: What’s the best “we had a plan, but then something unexpected happened and now it’s MUCH cooler” moment you’ve ever witnessed or been a part of? I REALLY hope someone has a video of the JoCo Karaoke performance of “Re: Your Brains.” There was real, unicorn blood infused magic on stage that night.

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  1. Joel, I saw your performance, and it was AWESOME!
    My "way cooler" moment was when we got the bar tenders on the Sea Deck to wear fake staches, simply because we got there before everyone else and had extras to hand out. They were so proud of their new looks!

  2. I would fill those pies with booze. Lots of booze. Enough booze so he can smell time and swallow the colors of the sounds he hears. Oh, the fun it will be. Wish I was there.

  3. "The week long luxury cruise I just got back from has left me tired and in need of rest… from all the luxury… and this is something I suspect you will not feel sympathy towards me for."

    No. Come on, we love you man. Now what did you bring us back from the trip? T-Shirts, pirate booty, t-shirts with pictures of "booty" on them?

  4. The best moment like the one you describe happened to me earlier this week, when I got hired at my new job. I applied for the position on a whim, thinking it was good practice for dealing with professionals in my field, and then suddenly they wanted to interview me and then they offered me the job and oh my god I'm wearing a SUIT and where did all this blood come from?

    I'm kidding, of course. This is the tech industry; we don't wear suits here!

  5. I do improv comedy so the whole, “we had a plan, but then something unexpected happened and now it’s MUCH cooler” happens all the time. That is what improv is all about. Of course, the opposite happens a lot too. "We had a plan and it failed miserably and the we shot it."

  6. Great performance Joel!

    My favorite way to reinterpret that song is even geekier, but a lot more 90s. You need an old 28.8 modem as a prop. "Don't know how we got this US Robotics. Don't know. Don't know."

  7. Not to be too sentimental but the serendipity of plans gone awry gone awesome is what is like almost every day if you are a teacher who listens to your students' ideas.

  8. OK, I'm a little late to the party, but I just watched the karaoke YouTube video. Thank goodness no one was around to hear me cackling loudly. Fantastic. And damn you for having other vids that I now need to watch. I need to be at work tomorrow, at least physically!

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