Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 2

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This Fancy Photo comic stars RandyRob, Jeph, Danielle, David, Nick, and Josh and takes us from the hotel after party all the way through to the final Q&A panel of Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage. Those of you who were there can testify to the accuracy of the final panel-panel of this comic. At some point the audio will be posted and you will see that I am in no way exaggerating. If anything, I am underselling it.
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  1. That last panel is essentially how the panels went, but that didn't stop me from laughing my ass off at it there and on this fancy photo comic XD, PS I'm Side Burns McGee from Sat and also that wasn't the first time I was called that or the last. lol

  2. Darn it, I want to see how you and Willis edited those comics. Especially Prince Valiant.

    That last panel is…yeah, that's accurate. But you all said it much more eloquently than that! There were verbs and things!

  3. This is one of my favorite of these type comics you've done. Particularly the cat attacking Danielle for her booze blood. I can just picture a cat doing that for some reason 😛

  4. Aswan the cat! Bummed I missed the rampage this year… looked like fun! But, how can I top my stoned on post-surgery pain meds appearance that garnered me the Penguin of Canton drawing?

  5. That cat, Azhwan (not sure about the spelling), is evil. She gets on your shoulders and purrs for about twenty seconds before her adamantium claws start to go through your shoulders.

  6. The other piece of advice for aspiring comics? Cranial accessories! Be it unkempt facial hair, multi-piercings, or floppy cow hats, one NEEDS to accessorize in order to look unique and stifle the demon inside your head who tells you that you are untalented and everyone laughs at you behind your back.

  7. Your picture of Danielle being "attacked" by the cat on her shoulders is the funniest thing I've seen all week! Thank you for putting together these photo comics. They have always been hilarious.

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