Comicpalooza Houston Fancy Painting Comic: “Robodolphincop”


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At the end of the second day of Comicpalooza there was a live art event and silent auction with the proceeds benefitting the Comicbook Legal Defense Fund. I asked the Fancy Tweetstards for something to draw and mashed up a few ideas (namely “draw Robocop” and “draw a dolphin”) to get the above bastardpiece. After drawing the whole thing with pen and marker, Wondermalki! (who also made a painting) encouraged me to try my shaky hand at watercolors. I essentially painted over the entire finished piece with surprisingly positive results. Someday when future historians are restoring this painting they will realize there is an earlier version underneath Watson’s “Mamalia Aquatus Robocopus” and squeem with art-historianish glee.

I found out afterward that the guy who won the auction for my painting was buying it for a Fancy Bastard that couldn’t make it to the show, so I was really pleased than some reader out there now owns the first painting I ever did. I would like to do more. It was oddly soothing and organic. It was like gardening… on paper… with paint… and no plants.

A highlight of the show for me was meeting Dichen Lachman and getting a chance to give her a Sci-Five shirt. I have no idea if she really liked it or if she was just being gracious, but she was extremely friendly and quite beautiful (as if you didn’t know).

I also got to see Ray Park do an impromptu lightsaber dual with a Revenge era Anakin cosplayer. They did a little “vwomm shhhhrommm clang clang” then Ray launched into a flying sideways windmill kick that was astonishing to see in person (especially from 6 feet away from him). I managed to get a video of the aerobatics on my iPhone. Maybe I’ll share it in some capacity.

Anyway, I had fun in Houston and look forward to going back. Thanks to all the FB’s that made it out to the show and treated me so kindly. Very special thanks to Uncle Randy for sharing his table with me after I was unfortunately placed in a booth extremely close to live ren-fair minstrels. They emitted a sonic force field that kept all con-goers at least 50 ft. away from me for the first day. It was terrifying.

I also want to give a quick mention to the creators of the webcomic Complex Actions for being excellent con neighbors, rib eaters, booth watchers and car loaders. Thanks!

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