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The hobo baby’s name is Boxcar Chester A. Arthur. Hobaby? Babo?

UDPATE: Yes, I know “Dr. Who” predates “Bill & Ted” by decades… that’s part of why I find the comparison amusing. #iloveexplainingthejoke

This is why I don’t do continuity. Because if there were stories in HE they would all go like this comic. Also I would never EVER tie up the loose ends. It would be like LOST but with fewer cast members and shorter hiatuses.

I spent 3 days trying to come up with something special for this comic since, not only was it the final comic of 2009, and the final comic of the decade but it was also the final comic of what will eventually be HE Book 2. I’m going to post the alternate ideas for the “HE season finale” in The Vault for those of you who have donated and have access.

We really shouldn’t be worried about how many times our little blue dirt ball rockets towards oblivion around an unfathomably large self sustaining explosion. One time? Ten Times? It doesn’t really matter when you consider that somewhere in the universe entire galaxies are colliding with each other. Now that’s a reason to reflect and reminisce. “Remember when we had a galaxy? Man, those were good times.”

Feel free to post your favorite/least favorite geek moments (TV, Movies, Your Own Life, Etc) of the last year or decade in the comments.

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  1. Damn you, 2009!
    BSG made me cry (I'll let you guess if it was in a good or bad way). Torchwood ripped my heart out. Doctor Who is about to regenerate, and even I don't want to judge him, 11 isn't even ginger.

    Star Trek pretty much saved my geek year. Thank Shat for that.


  2. Now's your chance to start on the (new) Doctor Who. They are introducing a new guy, and I'm sure the writing will be crap.

    • The writing might actually get better. Richard Davies is the head writer now and he's the one responsible for the worst episodes in my opinion, and this is his last season as head writer. Steven Moffat is taking over as head writer next season. He wrote things like "Blink", "Silence in the Library" and my personal favourite, "The Empty Child" (Are you my mummy?)

      • I didn't know he wrote The Empty Child, mostly out of laziness. Thanks to him, every time I see someone in a gas mask, it just slips out, and anyone around me looks at my like I've lost my mind.

        • Thank you for that. Seriously. I now have something to say to the gas mask happy Lummies.

          As in the Illuminati from The Secret World Game. >.< youtube it if I'm being too much of a dork.

  3. Of course you know that Doctor Who was around long before Bill and Ted were a twinkle in their fathers' eyes, right? In fact, the TARDIS was probably the inspiration of the telephone booth/time machine that Rufus uses. Too bad they didn't make it bigger on the inside, Bill and Ted could have probably collected hundreds of significant historical figures for their report if their phone booth functioned similar to the TARDIS once inside.

    Sorry, geek rant. *slaps herself upside the head a few times* It's too hard for me to pick just one geek moment from the past year, much worse, the past decade, that was my favorite. I guess some nominees for the year would be when I got 4 sci-fi movies I'd never seen for Christmas, the Doctor Who specials (Waters of Mars was my favorite, though depending on how today's special turns out, it might be bumped down to second), Torchwood: Children Of Earth (creepily delicious), and getting most of the questions right on 1 VS 100 sci-fi trivia on XBOX Live. Nominees for the decade include Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Willow and Tara's relationship on Buffy, and many life-specific moments with my friends from high school, including once when Shane's friend Andy translated a scene from The Matrix into Shakespearean prose.

  4. I think the webcomic community took a giant leap forward in 2009. We've got more conventions and podcasts devoted to the craft. We're getting more acknowledgment in the media (not to mention a couple mentions in old-school syndicated comics). And there should be continued improvement on this in the years to come. I know I'm hoping to improve on DWEX this year.

  5. watch the DW episode blink (season 3). it doesn't require knowing back story and i know a few people who were converted by that ep. It's one of the most loved new who episodes so if you don't like it, you probably won't like much doctor who.

  6. Least favorite geek moment was not seeing Zombieland due to major annoyances…favorite was seeing glorious Star Trek in equally-glorious eyestrain-o-vision.

  7. The Dr Who/Bill & Ted comparison was hysterical, awesome and obvious – don’t let anyone tell ya different Joel.

    Been a good geek year – sad as we saw BSG end, watched another Whedon show get sent to the Attic (quality debate aside) – but good in that hell those were stories that resonated with people who were NOT just hard core geeks.

    Watchmen was great, Star Trek was shiny (in most senses of the word) and Avatar ended the geek year with giant blue cat people sex.

    And on a personal note, finances were stable enough for me to subscribe to the vault, so I have that going for me. Which is nice.

    PS – Now you need to do a Doctor Who/Bill and Ted strip.

  8. Second the suggestion to check out "Blink," which was written by the man (Steven Moffat) taking the helm in 2010. Great example of what the series can be at its best. Unfortunately most of the Davies era has been characterized by absurd action and reviving one old baddie after another. "Silence in the Library" is another good one, also by Moffat.

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