My God, It’s Full Of Stars

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So how have you enjoyed your first 4 official days of living in the future? Anyone do it with an alien yet?

What’s up for HE in 2010? First off I am officially starting a rumor that Josh will be killed off for good this year. Now spread that vicious untruth until it gets back to me!

I have a ton of awesome fun/stressful plans for HE this year, but I dare not speak them aloud lest ye all despair when I eventually fail to produce anything. Let’s just say I’m nervous and excited… like the first time you do it with an alien. Seriously? Who’s going to test the waters on this one? It’s 2010 for fuck’s sake.

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  1. Yeah I really hope that's dead george Lucas that you guys are body disposing. Preventing him from remaking star wars for 3d is the greatest thing we could give the future.

  2. Haha, for a second the I thought Josh had "accidentally" killed a manbearstripper and you were helping him dispose of the evidence.

  3. The only thing that's bothering me about the new millenium is: where are our damn hovercars? Seriously, they better start mass-producing that shit within the next five years so that Back To the Future 2 isn't made to be one big fat lie.

  4. I'm not sure that's Josh. Wasn't he killed in a car accident a while back and now someone else has been "filling in" for josh that looks just like him? I swear I heard that in a song as I was rewinding the cassette tape.

    • It is. I tend to draw the characters with whatever accessories their real life counterparts have. I drive an orange Fit. Its a nice car and the seats fold flat so you can store more than a few bodies back there

    • i was hoping that was a Fit… i've wanted one for a while now, but got the cheaper, less room-for-bodies chevy aveo. shame, all the possibilities…

  5. I'm not sure if you've heard it, but there's a Brian Regan joke about an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the same jar. Its the only reason I use the word "delectable".

  6. so we're talking about new stuff for the decade?
    I think what will happen is that new computer technology will be discovered (like ledTV and Nvidia's 3d vision on laptops) rendering the tecnology we have very very cheap to produce, thus making those "1laptop per child" projects ACTUALLY USEFUL.
    i mean, the olpc x is quite a toy. look at the screen and the specs.
    but with the 2019 tech, we could make these:…. on the price of an olpc.
    The intel classmate is the future of cheap 3rd country computers-

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