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[post coming later tonight. my home file server died last night and caused me a world of frustration, so everything on my itinerary is WAY backed up.]

Thanks to Alex for giving me enough info about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes to make  a comic about it. He also said Holmes never once uttered “Elementary, My Dear Watson.” That’s like the time I saw Styx and they didn’t play “Mr. Roboto.” You gots to play the hits.

hijinks-ensue-edward-shirt-160According to Josh there was significant bromanticism between the good inspector and his… what WAS Watson anyway? A valet? To hear Josh tell it they were moments away from a tonguey embrace (there was a lot of shirtlessness in the trailer) but Alex says it was all hetero-high fives and friendly ass slaps. I just wish they had played up the cocainier aspects of Holmes so RDJ could be more comfortable in the roll.


Why did no one ever tell me I was in “A Softer World“? Not only IN a comic, but a comic so popular they made a shirt of it? What the huh?

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  1. The overlay at the end is great, and well done. I love Eli’s response to Josh, and probably not because I’ve been enjoying podcasts while cleaning my apt.

  2. Merry Belated X-mas, Joel! How's the family now?
    And as Dr. Sheldon Cooper of "The Big Bang Theory" would say, "Merry Newton-mas." or "Happy Saturnalia", the ancient Roman festival celebrated with "bonfires and slaughtering goats". I strongly recommend that show for all us geeks watchin' TV now.

  3. I just got back a few hours ago from seeing it…. wow, just wow. I'll post my review in the next few days. But yeah, you totally get the bromance out of Watson and Holmes (very similar to their modern TV dopplegangers Wilson and House).

    Oh, and Irene Adler is to Holmes as Catwoman is to Batman… if that tells you anything.

  4. ‘He also said Holmes never once uttered “Elementary, My Dear Watson.” ‘

    Although I’m sure that the movie is terribly action loaded and has nothing at all to do with who Sherlock Holmes actually is. (More Bond then Holmes)

    I must point out that “Elementary, my dear Watson” is NEVER said by Sherlock Holmes! He often says things are ‘elementary’ and has referred to Watson as ‘my dear Watson’, but the complete phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson” has never been said.

    This may sound like nitpicking, but it’s sort of ironic to critique a movie for not being true to it’s source by pointing out a misquotation that never occurs in the source wasn’t said. 🙂

    • Oh, that is common with this Holmes adaptation. I've seen reviewers complain that "they made Irene Adler an American" (she was), that "this Holmes is far more of a slob than his fictional inspiration" (why do you think Mrs. Hudson was always described as 'long-suffering'?)…in general, it seems to be exposing the people whose only memories of Sherlock Holmes are Basil Rathbone. 🙂

    • Just add it to the ever-growing list of misquoted lines, c.f. "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn!" should be "Frankly my dear…"

      Having not seen the film yet, I will say this: I'll consider this restitution for the inclusion of "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" in X3, which made me want to hurl.

      • That line in X3 was just plain painful to hear and see being delivered. It turned the Juggernaut, an interesting character with a pretty cool power, into nothing but a bad punchline (of course, it's the comic version that's interesting. The movie version just has Magneto asking him to join up and him saying "Sure, why not? I'm of no consequence.").

  5. Ahh Cyberwasteland beat me to the punch. It is indeed a common misnomer that Holmes is always saying "Elementary, my dear Watson." I haven't seen the flick yet, but I wouldn't have been opposed to the line being included as 99% of the world expects to hear it.

  6. You know, Iron Man in Victorian London could still be Iron Man. It wasn't like 1890 was part of the Bronze Age or something. They had iron, steel, brass, copper, zinc, aluminum, and all sorts of other advanced metals. If you want to accentuate the technological distinctions you could call him Steam Trousers.

  7. The best steam-driven hero I've seen was in "Runaways" while Joss Whedon was writing it. I can't remember the name of it, but it was a punch card programmed, steam powered robot. At one point it made an offhand comment "Oh, for Babbage's sake" which made the damn comic for me.

    • I remember who you're talking about, and I gotta say that I HATED that story arc thanks to Victor and his little romantic side story. I mean, he knew that flying-dancing girl for what, a day? And dumped the Nico, the hot goth Asian girl with magic powers for her? Robots and androids should think logically. Data would've smacked him upside the head.

  8. Steamtrousers sounds like a name from [i]The Court of the Air[/i] or [i]the Kingdom Beneath the Waves[/i]. I likes it.

  9. There was a scene where watson tells holmes that the vial he's drinking from is intended for eye surgery. One of the original uses of cocaine was as an Ocular Anestethic.

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