An Uncommon iNfestation

“Quick! Get me a Macbook Air. We must shave him! It is the only way to sap him of his strength!”

Thanks to everyone that watched me draw this comic live on Ustream. Follow me on Twitter if you want to know when the live streams are going to be.

I remember when I bought the very first Macbook Pro (15″ Core Duo) that it had a set of dummy screws on the left side of the chasis that served no purpose other than to duplicate the functional screws on the right side of the machine. You see Uncle Steve strives always to maintain harmony, balance and above all, gadget homeostasis. It warms my various circuits and doodads to know that my personal electronics of choice are architected by an absolute madman.

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This ideal is evidenced most by the fact that no one ever even wants the white version of whatever Apple puts out (accept for the Macbook 13″. There seems to be a colon-ton of those things around). I suspect that, per his own special brand of megalomaniacal lunacy, Steve dreamed up the white iPhone 4 only to serve as counterpart the black one. Perhaps to give you a less favorable alternative in order to make your darker choice seem somehow more fulfilling. Choosing one thing OVER another is certainly something more to be proud of than simply taking the only thing that is available. Hell, that’s actually one of the core principals of Mac Fanboyism.

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    • See I thought the fourth panel would be Steve slicing the pudgy dude's jugular with a I-knife or a shard of his previously broken huge diamond and throwing him to the badger.

  1. That's not a crazy badger. It's a dead badger that someone installed Linux onto. The fact that it's an evil badger just means it was Devil Linux.

    • i believe you mean bsd linux. We are politically correct after all. In which case, if he is incorrectly summoned and his duppy card badly installed, he could be remotely hacked by anyone with an aerial and the appropriate badger-bits. But Beezle-Jobs won't let any linux-ware in his castle of evil. When we hang the closed sourcerer's, if will be with their own rope.

  2. So this is where the stinking badger went after everyone said they didn't need one.
    Sorry, couldn't resist.

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