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Thanks to FB Michael for suggesting the setting for this comic based on me started “Couch to 5K” yesterday. And bigger thanks to Spike for suggesting that I get off my ass and get some exercise. I think I will do a podcast with my initial impressions of C25K after the first week.

I don’t really give a crap about Wonder Woman’s new costume or rewritten past. I stopped reading Marvel and DC super hero comics (by which I mean comics featuring the standard roster of characters that have been around for 30-60 years) when I was 13 or so. The traditional comics industry is a bit like a dog that eats it’s own shit. “So like… every dog?” you may say. Sort of. The idea is that the dog in question starts out by eating a tasty meal made with processed cow pieces, smashed up sheep faces and natural goat gravies. Then he poops it out, as dogs are wont to do. Then he’s like, “Hey! A giant steaming pile of something I should eat! BARK BARK!” and he gobbles it down. Eventually he’s going to poop out the poop he just ate. You see where this is going. Let this cycle run it’s course a few times and what started as a nutritious meal of pasteurized farm parts has become thrice-times-shat infinipoop.

How does this relate to the comics industry? I was hoping you would forget about that and focus on the poop eating dog. Marvel and DC have been feasting on the bounty of the same properties for decades. Then when the stories and characters get stale, they redigest them and shit them out in a slightly different format (clone Spider-Man, Electro Blue Superman, Azrael Batman, Robin Batman, Time Traveling Batman, etc, etc). The more times they rehash and reboot a character the lamer the whole situation gets. [This illustrated history of the X-men character Xorn sums up my feelings perfectly]

Most of these characters have been around for so long that they have literally done EVERYTHING they could ever possibly do. There’s no new ground to cover. I don’t expect the publishers to retire pop-culture defining heroes like Superman, Spider-Man and the like but… I don’t actually have any solutions or helpful suggestions. I guess I’m just bitching relentlessly about a subject that I don’t really have that strong of an opinion on that much invested in emotionally in the first place. Remember that part about the dog? That was gross.

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