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C2E2 IN CHICAGO IS NEXT WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Randy, Danielle and David!


Josh IRL picked up an iPad 2 today and he’s already looking for ways to not just dispose of, but humiliate its predecessor. I feel like if there were a way to pants an iPAd in front of the girl it liked, Josh would do just that.

Commenters: What can Josh do with his old iPad? Fold it in half and use it as a stand for his iPad 2? Cram it under his tires for traction when he gets stuck in the mud? World’s tiniest and most expensive toboggan? YOU DECIDE!

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  1. He should totally send it to a poor Australian student who can't afford one 😛

    Seriously though, he should see if he can throw it hard enough that it will skim across the surface of a still lake. While filming it on his iPad 2.

  2. Or he can send it to a middle-aged disabled geek/comedian who NEVER could afford anything Apple…

    Or try it as a coaster for a Starbucks Humungoccino cup…

  3. Do you know what's annoying?
    iMovie is iPad 2 only. You don't know how long I've been waiting for iMovie. DAMN YOU APPLE!!!

    • well, its too processor/RAM intensive to run on the old one. The art app I use cant export to high res without more RAM either.

      • The iPod Touch 4 has 256 RAM and A4 processor. The iPad has the same thing.
        Why can be there Universal Apps but not iPad 1-2 compatibly ?!

        • iPad 1 has those specs. iPad 2 is orders of magnitude more powerful in the proc/graphics department and has twice the ram.

  4. As bulky and awkward as it might be – turn it into a Fallout PipBoy… I know they've already done it with an iPhone, but you'd have to use your actual working iPhone for that wouldn't you? Rather than your back up iPad?

  5. A large number of disabled kids are use the speech thing on the iPad for communication. Maybe he could put work out asking if there is someone that needs a iPad for such things and donate it to a nonverbal autistic kid.

    • hmmm…. that sounds selfless and altruistic. Dont see that happening for Josh.

      [though that IS super cool. I know previously they had to buy these teletype machines that were $1000's of dollars]

  6. I feel like there's some sort of Toy Story plot to be had in here. The old iPad resents the appearance of the flashy new iPad 2 until they go off on a series of comic adventures and find a respect for each other and – dare I say – friendship?

    • In one of the earliest podcasts, Joel throws out an idea about Josh's cycle or rotating apple products being a lot like The Brave Little Toaster.

      I don't know if that comic ever got made, but this would be a good opportunity for it.

      • Buttcrack is the new Jailbreak hack for the Zoom. What's a "Zoom" I can hear you asking?

        Not exactly sure, but I think it's Motorola's attempt too sell an overpriced iPad knock off.

        Bitter? Yeah, just around the eyes.

  7. You just had to be here to see his unboxing ritual. The look on IRL Josh's face as he was holding it? Priceless. Like a father holding his newborn.
    The momentary look when the iPhone SIM tool wouldn't pop open the SIM tray? Scary. Is my baby defective?
    Return to delight when it was found that the iPad 2 comes with a SIM tool of its own that works.
    Happy Josh

  8. he should place it on a shelf in the hall closet where he keeps an old pair of galoshes and a broken lamp. Then in 5 years when he is cleaning out the closet due to the increasing stench of those old galoshes, he can reminisce about the iPad when he finds it and say "Remember when we used to use these pieces of shit" to his iPad 6 who is playing Rovio's new game, Angry Midgets, for him.

  9. Use it as a remote control for an HD-DVD player that has been modded to run as a Sega CD drive that is hooked up to a CRT television for the ultimate display of dead tech!

  10. Use it as an all-purpose skillet/cutting board/sammich plate! ALL YOUR OVERPRICED CULINARY NEEDS ARE SATISFIED!

    • With Apple's history of battery problems, that could very well happen.

      I suggest getting 2 and using it like a pannini press.

  11. Maybe he could donate it to Roger to pimp out the van for road trips and/or lure in less tech-fortunate prey with *fun games* for after they help move the couch…

  12. It think there should be another stupid human tricks contest ALA drinking vodka through a twinkie and the winner gets Josh's old iPad. 😀
    I've got my booze and hostess snack treats all ready to go!

  13. It should be turned into a desktop. Such a large and bulky device is only useful as such.
    If Josh was going to college I'd suggest he used his old iPad as a .pdf for books while he used his new one as a tablet to do homework or record notes on.

  14. Send it back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor/ confound the primitives with the fickle, disposable technology 27 years hence 🙂

  15. Contests to win Hijinks Ensue's old tech! Readership will go up and you'll reuse devices that'd just sit around collecting dust.

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