Sam & Fuzzy Guest Comic!

Make sure you check out my guest comic over at Sam & Fuzzy! It is one of my favorite things that I have ever made (for serious). It stars SamJeph and me, and finally brings to life my favorite of Sam’s intentionally terrible shirt ideas all the way back from SDCC 2010.

Sam And Fuzzy Guest Comic

Sam had this to say:

I was telling Joel about how I sometimes come up with shirt ideas that work perfectly from a design sense, but express ideas that no human being would ever actually want to have on their body… only Joel thought [this horrible t-shirt] was a great idea!


Shortpacked Guest Comic: Robots N’ Dees Guys

Guys, I made a giant comic for you! It just happens to be on a different website. My friend David Willis is taking his belated honeymoon this week (on JoCo Cruise Crazy of all places) and I did a guest comic for him over at Shortpacked.

Before you read it (and you MUST read it) you will need to familiarize yourself with the all too true story of how the US Post Office stole a box of David’s books and replaced them with the bottom half of a blender. I know it sounds like the craziest of fictions, but it is 100% tue and 100% robot-tits insane.

David also makes a comic about college life antics called Dumbing Of Age. Read heartily and enjoy!

Welcome Questionable Content Readers!

I hope you guys dug the guest comic that I did for Jeph. Today is his birthday, and everyone deserves a day off once in a while.

2009-06-17-joel-watson-qc-guest-comicjpgIf you are new to HijiNKS Ensue here are the basics: It’s a geek comic. There are 3 main characters. Joel has the hair flip, Josh is the gay bald guy and Eli is the Mexican with the hat. Most of the comics make fun at some aspect of geek pop culture. It’s been described (by me) as “Penny Arcade minus video games, plus everything else.

If you like SciFi, Movies, Geek TV, Joss Whedon, Star Trek, Technology, Apple or any other geeky pursuits you will probably find something to enjoy here.

Thanks for checking out HE!

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To HE readers: if you are looking for a comic today, please feast your pixel-hungry eyeballs towards today’s Questionable Content. I gave that comic all the extra comic sauce I had and I’m all tapped out until Friday. If you aren’t already reading QC, then you’ve got about 1500 comics to read instead of working today.

Guest Comic for Overcompensating

Jeffrey Rowland makes two great webcomics, Overcompensating and Wigu. He also runs the largest webcomic T-Shirt and merchandise empire on the planet, Topatoco. He’s been busy opening a new 4000 sq. foot Topatofacility and adding new comics to his roster of… comics. In the spirit of comic brotherhood I sent him a guest comic which you can see HERE.

You can also see the other guest comics I’ve done for PVP and Unshelved and such HERE.

Welcome Unshelved Readers!

If you are visiting HijiNKS Ensue from, feel free to look around and get acquainted. Check out:

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Regular HE readers might want to check out the Unshelved guest comic I did. Guest comics on Unshelved are a little bit different than others I’ve done, in that they are more like illustrated book reports which they call the The Unshelved Book Club.