Shortpacked Guest Comic: Robots N’ Dees Guys

Guys, I made a giant comic for you! It just happens to be on a different website. My friend David Willis is taking his belated honeymoon this week (on JoCo Cruise Crazy of all places) and I did a guest comic for him over at Shortpacked.

Before you read it (and you MUST read it) you will need to familiarize yourself with the all too true story of how the US Post Office stole a box of David’s books and replaced them with the bottom half of a blender. I know it sounds like the craziest of fictions, but it is 100% tue and 100% robot-tits insane.

David also makes a comic about college life antics called Dumbing Of Age. Read heartily and enjoy!

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  1. No,no,NO! I can't read another webcomic! Last you suggested something I got in trouble for sitting in one spot reading Something Positive for hours, (apparently I supposed to help pack for some vaction or some such) and before that I spend days readin Hijinks Ensue, (once again I did not realize when you live some they expexct you to talk to them occasionally.) I can't risk losing my man to another webcomic…. I just can't do it…wait forget that I'm already hooked…

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