Hey hey! I'm Joel Watson, a writer, director, voice actor, producer, show runner and musician in the Dallas, TX area. I'm currently a Creative Producer at Gearbox Software, and I'm also the creator of the webcomic HijiNKS ENSUE, and the podcasts The Noise Hole, Here's An IdeaThe HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast and Potter & Daughter (which my child and I recorded LONG BEFORE JKR outed herself as the world's biggest bigot). While working with Explosm/Cyanide & Happiness, I created the show Purgatony, which aired on SYFY's TZGZ adult animation block. I've used the words "creator" and "created" so much that they've lost all meaning. I'm also the inventor of a method for taking shots of maple bacon tequila out of Cadbury Creme Eggs called “The Sadbury Egg.” You can find me on some social media outlets (not THAT one) @hijinksensue.

The Noise Hole With Dave and Joel Podcast

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