The Experiment Overview: Can I Earn a Living From My Webcomic?

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The Experiment Overview  |  The Whole HE StoryThe “Digital Age” Artist’s Manifesto  |
4 Year Experimentiversary, 5 Year Anniversary And More Experimenting

[Originally Published June 2, 2008]

What is “The Experiment”?

The Experiment” is the chronicling of my attempt to make a full time living from my webcomic, HijiNKS Ensue.

In keeping track of my attempts, successes and failures I hope to create a road map for other creative individuals (artists, writers, bloggers, podcasters, film makers, musicians, etc.) to more easily turn their passion into a full time job.

Why did you start the experiment?

I decided to change the way I was living, take a risk and [cliche]”follow my lifelong dream”[/cliche] of being a full time artist so that when my daughter was old enough to ask me what I did for a living, I wouldn’t be ashamed of the answer. I didn’t want her to grow up with a father who was too afraid to take a chance at real happiness. Sappy, right?

Ok, you’re experimenting. What have you got for me?

HijiNKS Ensue is a webcomic, a blog, a forum and a podcast for geeks. If you think you’re a geek, you probably are, which means you will probably find something to enjoy here.

How can I learn more about The Experiment?

OK, How Can I help?

If you enjoy any part of HijiNKS Ensue and you would like to see it continue for years to come, you can:

    • Visit the HijiNKS Ensue Store pick up something for yourself or a friend.
    • You can drop $5 or $10  (or $20 if you are so inclined) in the donation bucket.

Support HijiNKS Ensue with your Donation!

Every donation will get you access to the premium HE RSS feed with full sized comics and allow you to download every HE ebook/iBook release to date. You can also download Desktop Wallpapers, donor-only audio files, podcasts and more.

  • You can spread the word! Link to HijiNKS Ensue from your website, Facebook, Tumblr or whatever. You can post a comic on your site as long as it links back to the original, you can edit or remix the comics, you can write a review of HijiNKS Ensue, bookmark it on Social Networking sites like Stumble Upon, or just tell your friends to check it out. The best part is this method costs you nothing and is deeply appreciated.

I want to know more

  • You can read the full story of HijiNKS Ensue and The Experiment here. In this article I explain why I started the comic, and why it is so important to me that I turn it into a full time job.
  • You can also read my Manifesto “Make Your Passion Be Your Job.” This article explains the underlying idea of The Experiment, that creative people should be able to make a living from their creativity without having  a “real job” to pay the bills. (link forthcoming)

I wish you the best, but I want to conduct my own Experiment!

Then check out this list of resources for any aspiring Experimenters as well as links to other artists that are currently succeeding in their own full time creative lives.

Quick Links:
The Experiment Overview  |  The Whole HE StoryThe “Digital Age” Artist’s Manifesto  |
4 Year Experimentiversary, 5 Year Anniversary And More Experimenting

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