You’re The Last Of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown


The Doctor Is In T-Shirt

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I scoured the Internet, positive that someone had already done this. How, in the grand scheme of pop-culture references, had no one ever put these two ideas together? After doing my due Google image searching diligence, I was confident that had this gag already been explored, it was not on the Internet and thus fair game. I did, however find a few pices of “Snoopy as The Doctor” fan art. Odd.

Also, I KNOW “The Doctor Is In” refers to that football-yanking bitch Lucy and not Charlie Brown. I figured as long as I was taking creative liberties I should go for the gusto.

I suppose had I used Matt Smith’s Doctor as my subject I could have given new meaning to “the little red-haired girl.” Maybe someday I’ll do a follow up.

UPDATE: I put a desktop version of this comic in The Vault.

You're The Last Of the Time Lords, Charlie Brown Wallpaper Preview

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  1. Hehe wait for the people screaming out about how you just copy Charles Schulz' cartoon style in three, two, one…

    • As a life-long Peanuts fan I say hats off to anyone who can copy Schulz' style. It's deceivingly simple and a lot harder to copy well than most people think.

  2. I love this not only because it's The Doctor, but also because it's David Tennant's Doctor. It wouldn't work with Matt Smith. I also agree that it would be a Fantastic, Brilliant, shirt 🙂

  3. This is begging for a three panel strip in which The Doctor tells a companion not to do something, the companion basically says, "Oops, already did it," and the final panel features the classic, "AAUGH!"

  4. Snoopy’s the most likely candidate for a Peanuts Time Lord. His doghouse is totally a TARDIS. It’s often seen fighting World War I air battles—flying without wings. It’s bigger on the inside than the outside. It has at one point contained a swiming pool and an original Van Gogh. Coincidence?! Not likely!

  5. Waa wa wa EXTERMINATE! wa waaaaaa. I keep thinking the sign says "The Doctor is sin". Peanuts/Dr Killinger mashup, these are the time I wish I could draw.

    Also am I the only one who violently disliked Donna? She almost ruined the show for me.

    • No, you're not. But that's more of my problems with Tate as an actress/comedian than with any shortcomings with the character.

      • My wife HATED Donna with a passion. Any time I'm watching The Doctor she asks 'it's not that bitchy one, is it?'

          • I never really liked Catherine Tate before Who, and started off not liking her, but her character arc is one of the best I've seen, and her ending made me cry a lot. Mainly because the idea of losing the memories of all those experiences gutted me. But also because she went from being a shallow, ignorant idiot, to someone who accepted every experience with an open mind and heart and whose first thought was generally about others. Then she had her mind wiped and basically had to return to what she was.

            • I also hated Catherine Tate in the first episodes, she was so screechy! But Donna grew on me, and she was a nice change from the last two companions. Rose was my favourite companion, but when they had the next companion (Martha Jone) also fall in love with the Doctor, that was too much for me. At least Donna didn't fall in love with the Doctor, and she was really flawed, more like a real person than many other companions.

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