You’re A Daybreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker

hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300 I got to see Daywalkers DayBreakers this weekend. It was fun. Nice visuals, competent acting and exploding vampires. Set your expectations exactly to “exploding vampires” and you won’t be disappointed. Anything above that and you’ll probably groan through your fangs for 2 hours.

I’ll remain spoiler free but the “science” involved in the movie is vampdiculous. Ok, I guess I’ll remain MOSTLY spoiler free because I want to address a few things. The reason for the entire human race going vamp (and these are REAL vampires: no sunlight, no reflection, fangs, immortality, stake the hear, the whole 9) is referred to as as “outbreak” that “started with one bat.” This is the only explanation given and it’s fine for me. Any more time spent on the cause and you’d have a different movie. The problem for me was the time frame. Humanity began to convert (some by choice, some by force) only 10 years ago. Yet in just a decade the world has completely transformed to a stable, vampire-run society.

I enjoyed some of the tech the vamps used to get around during the day and appreciated the use of giant florescent lights basically everywhere (inside and outdoors) to illuminate the constant night they are forced to live in. The idea starts to break down when you realize that if no one can be out during the day, then agriculture and farming probably don’t exist any more. This may not be a problem for the vampires since they only require human blood for sustenance, but it’s hard to believe the all of the jobs that depended on these industries were replaced by fang polish factories. One could assume that much of the Earth’s population died off during the outbreak and there just aren’t that many humans or vamps left.

I won’t spoil anything about the main plot but most of it is based on the same “just go with it for now” science. I really didn’t expect the film to address all these issues. It would have made the movie too long and detracted from the story but I was so intrigued by the idea of an all-vamp world that I really wanted to flesh out the universe. I guess I’m saying it’s a great idea that they really didn’t explore to its fullest extent. Might have made for a better series than a movie. Still it’s good stand alone Sci-Fi/Fantasy and most vamp-geeks will enjoy it. Just try not to ask too many questions and enjoy the exploding.

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  1. To summarize the rest of your post before you make it:

    "Everyone turns into a vampire because the Spierig brothers thought it would be a good idea."

    That's really about all the justification I got out of it.

  2. Went to go see it with my dad. He screamed when the human girl (can't remember the name) turned around and saw the vamp soldier. It was funny. Of course, I freaked during that one scene in Dollhouse. Anyways, you leave me wanting a blood sammich. Rambling now. Bye.

    • I went "HOLY SHIT!" (saying out loud what everyone was thinkin') when that vampir girl walked outside, sat down, and let herself burn in the sunrise.

  3. If there’s any use for agriculture in a world of vampires, there’s no reason why the farming couldn’t be done at night. Vamps can see in the dark, right? As for animal husbandry, I think most chickens and such are raised in warehouses these days anyhow, so no change there.

    • Yeah, I was going to say that everything can just be done at night anyway. Though they also subscribe to the Whedon Vampire ability of being protected under a mere blanket. A wide brimmed hat would suffice!

      The movie was definitely enjoyable, but far from good. It held a solid B Movie With Excruciating Explosions Budget position. I did expect more out of Willem Dafoe's acting, though 🙁

  4. Methinks in the general trend and gist of things old chap, nothing containing vampires (especially teenage vampires, with angst problems 'n' crap-o'that-kidney) can ever be against the natural order. Least not while Stephanie Myer lives in the public eye. Methinks this calls for stake and hammer.

  5. Worse than the outbreak was the cure. I mean, what the hell was that? That had to be the easiest cure ever. Also, why did it scar Willem DaFoe but not Ethan hawke?

    • The TV version of Ultraviolet had them in full bike leathers including gloves and tinted full face helmets. Worked very well. Plus everyone knows evil vampire bikers are cool.

  6. The thing I find interesting about the concept (I haven’t seen the movie yet, BTW) is that the vampires are still trying to act like human beings… stable, in control of their emotions more or less, but they are only delaying their inevitable decent into becoming a mindless, hungry animal.

  7. God this makes me think of Lestat and Louis… emo emo Louis being all 'we are damned!' and Lestat being like 'phhhft, bitch, please. Drunk up.'

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