To Your Mother

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    • My parents gave me Tom Lehrer and Flanders and Swann tapes. My (theoretical) kid will get TMBG and Weird Al, and my grtandkids will probably get something I find banal or incomprehensible because Kids These Days.

    • I gave her Here Come The ABC's and NO! when she was maybe 3 years old and they didn't stick. Might try again now that she can appreciate the music more than the lessons.

  1. Joel, you'd be better off letting your kids education be handled by old episodes of Sesame Street than the Texas public school system.

    • My daughter watched Sesame Street IN ABUNDANCE for as long as it was age appropriate. She got a lot out of it. Lots of conceptual lessons about how to be a good person that are hard to explain to a kid are much easier to grasp when they can see it acted out in front of them. I'm very grateful to Seseme Street.

  2. Would it be more confusing to expose her to, like, bluegrass covers of rap songs? Like the Gourds doing Gin & Juice?

  3. You could always cue up some Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and tell the story of how one man tried to live up to his boy band singer brother's shadow and surpass it only to run away from it years later. It's both musical history and theater all in one!

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