To Obscenity And Beyond

This comic reminds me of the time Josh IRL showed up to my wife’s college graduation party wearing a Penny Arcade “Jesus is F’ing Metal” shirt. This particular party featured all of her aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and great grandpeople. I met him at the door and sent him to his car to turn it inside out. I felt like an assistant principle. Josh is a prime example of unabashedly being yourself to the fullest extent all the time, and I love him for that.

Wifetron and I took DaughterUnit to see The Toy Story 3D double feature last weekend. She’s only 2 (the daughter, not the wife) and has never been to the theater before, but she was surprisingly captivated and entertained throughout most of the first movie. By the intermission she was dancing in the isles and ready to go home. Note to the movie theater industry: if you only have 1 size of 3D glasses that have to fit my giant head and her tiny head, one of us is going to be disappointed. I ended up having to build a contraption out of a head band and rubber bands to hold the glasses on her head but it was worth it. She had a blast.


They’re HERE (HERE, HERE, and HERE)!
They will start shipping (beginning with the Ultimate Fancy Editions) when I get back from…


Baltimore Comic-Con

…Is where I will be this weekend. Read more about it, and my other upcoming appearances in Austin HERE. I will have books, buttons, T-shirts and sketches. Come say hi or I will feel sad forever.

Prepping for this Con (my first real con appearance) has kicked my ass this week (hence the super late comic). I still hope to have three new comics this week, but I still have to get a 6ft X3ft banner printed and a build a stand for it. Monday after the Con there will probably be some sort of sketchbook comic. I’m considering changing the update schedule from “Mon-Wed-Fri” to “3 Times a Week.” Then maybe your expectations will be properly set for my inevitable tardiness.


Am I sick? Dying? Dead? If you haven’t been following my recent health tragedies you can catch up HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I am pleased to say that my normal back pain (due to a bulging disk) is all but gone. My spinal headaches caused by the spinal tap are cleared up and only an occasional dull headache on the left side of my head persists. My back still hurts from them actually sticking needles in my spine 4 or 5 times, and I still generally feel like shit due to having spent the last 4 weeks on the couch, but some light exercise should clear that up.

Thanks to your generous DONATIONS, one of my medical bills is almost completely paid off. I have a bill for $1400 (CT scan and spinal tap) and another for $1700 (hospital stay and blood patch) and so far, the Fancy Bastards have donated over $1200. I am constantly amazed by what a selfless and supportive group of people you all are. In addition to donations I have received dozens of emails and twitter replies encouraging me to get better. Believe me when I say that those go a long way toward aiding my recovery.


I did an interview with my friend Corn Mo for Digital City. His band, 357 Lover, is releasing a new album called “Diorama of The Golden Lion” and it rocks intensely hard.

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  1. also, if there is a Toy Story porno, i really hope they had fun with the lyrics to "you have a friend IN me"

  2. Alas, although I live in Baltimore, I am out of town this weekend. However, I can tip you off to good bars, restaurants, and other various things, should you need any recommendations. Have fun!

  3. I'm so, so glad you're feeling better! I drifted away for a while and came back to backtastrophe, and I'm glad that's now done and gone. (Also, so glad to see the comic still totally rocks!)

  4. I think "Control your horribleness" shall become my new thing I say to my friends when they're being obnoxious.

    Actually, I can foresee their need to say it to me more than me to them…hmm…oh well, either way it's hilarious.

  5. I'm a little scared to know if they changed "Hamm" at all, and what they did with him…

    Honestly these porn parodies can get truly out of control.

  6. I'm a little scared to know if they changed "Hamm" at all, and what they did to him…

    Honestly these porn parodies can get truly out of control.

    Glad to see you're feeling better Joel.

  7. Hey don't know if anyone has told you this, but usually with medical bills if you can save up a little money and then call them up, you can say "if i can pay you *now*, can you lower the payment any?" there are a lot of people who simply *don't* pay the bills (because they can't afford them or because they are a-holes), and it is a lot of hassle for them to try and get the money from them. if you offer to give them money now they may negotiate a bit. i've never tried it, but two people who i trust have told me it worked for them.

  8. Mr. Potato Dick and all his… "attachments"? I remember the normal Mr. Potato Head having a bunch of various body parts you could attach; I'll leave the Potato Dick equivalents up to your imagination. Way to go, Rule #34.

  9. Boy Toy Story! Ace comic, I love how Joel tries to hide from the embarrasment but Josh proudly goes on and on. Hopefully he doesn't demonstrate the events of that other film with the poor boy's Woody doll.

    The RL thing reminded me how once our school band went to church to play, I dunno, some Christmas songs or whatever, and our dumbass drummer boy wore a Cradle of Filth-shirt. Nice one.

    I am so excited about the books, they look fantastic! Even the pic of the boxes makes me happy. Take your time, but it's good to know the book exists. And the interview was great! Short but to the point, and funny. I'll be linking it to my friends who are not yet fancy enough.

    I think that was all. Good luck with the con and everything,


  10. I used to live up in Washington, and there was a porn theater across from the museum of modern art that always had the best porn parodies. Two I remember off the top of my head were "Edward Penis Hands" and "Lord of the Shwings". I never went to see them, but like most things porno, the imagining is always better than the real deal.

    • I once saw a list of them that was pretty terrible. Included were the following
      "The Joy Fuck Club"
      "Glad He Ate Her"
      "How the West Was Hung"
      "The Sopornos"
      "Shaving Ryan's Privates"

      I read the list, shuddered, then stored them in the back of my brain for just an occasion such as this…

  11. Another hit comic! Glad to see your back, Joel! Speaking of, did they replace your spine with robot parts yet?
    And how do you get Josh to behave himself in public? Pavlovian conditioning? Shock collar? Or has he been declared a danger to himself and the general public?

  12. Maybe I'm ignorant about all this. Is there a question about whether Jesus existed?

    I understand the whole Jesus as God thing being silly, but it seems pretty evident that there was the "person" existed.

    • Yeah but to her it was totally normal. she just expect technology to be fantastic. Her favorite toy is my wife’s iPhone so…

  13. Josh fits in perfectly with the movie bears. (Wait, I think he _did_ when he was here.) We make straight folks move away from the group nervously All The Time! 😀

  14. Am I the only one who remembers Mad TV doing this bit when the first movie came out? (or maybe the second, it has been a long time) Oh wait, I keep forgetting, I was the only one who watched Mad TV… Theirs was called "Sex Toy Story." Woody was a good old fashioned dildo, I think, and Buzz was a slick, aluminum battery operated buddy. Either Hamm or Potato head was in fetish gear…

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