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Got to keep it short and sweet today because it’s my last day to prepare for Baltimore Comic-Con. If you’re going to be in the area, come see me at table 129 Saturday and Sunday. Just look for the giant ass HE banner.  I’ll be on Twitter like crazy during the con so follow me to get up to the minute minutia.

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So how was Stargate: Universe? Pretty good. I don’t want to go into the plot or do a full review (though a reader correctly pointed out that it’s “spaceship far from home” premise is reminiscent of Voyager), but it was quite serviceable sci-fi with decent acting, effects and which required no previous knowledge of the Stargate… well, universe. Basically just just have to take for granted that there are ancient Stargate wormhole portal devices and our military has been using them for some time for various reasons. The rest is new content and concepts. (Really, the original kick ass Stargate movie is enough to keep you up to speed on all the major concepts)

My recommendation is to check out the 2hr pilot, “Air.” If it makes your sci-fi-sense tingle, stick around. Even if you didn’t like previous Stargate series, you might find something new to enjoy with SG:U.

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  1. It was too Battle Star, for its own good. -The detached genius scientist with his own motives, various bureaucrats vying for control, competent/hapless military types, etc. etc. etc.

    And why in the hell didn't they just use one of the orb/camera things to close the fucking door to the venting shuttle? -Boom! Suspension of Disbelief out the window and the series sucks shit from dead assholes.

    • Yes, I was thinking that the whole time! Other than that I really enjoyed it.

      "hmm… space, you say?" I LOLed 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing! There are at least 4 methods they could have used to deal with the door:
      1. Use the ball camera!
      2. Build a Rube Goldberg machine to push the button.
      3. Pile some crates in front of the door and use a lot of duct tape/water/selaant.
      4. Hack the bloody controls! Rodney McKay would have done that in 5 minutes!

        • <Fingers crossed> – I want my Shooter McGavin! OTOH they killed the best actor of the Atlantis series in the first episode – the T1000 guy. So it wouldn't be the first time they kill somebody who is good. 🙁

        • Is it just me, or was the whole selfless sacrifice thing kinda weak and terribly cliché? It felt like something that should be about three quarters into a movie from 10 years ago, right before the good guys make their stand and turn things around or something like that… Kinda like the writers just decided to Insert Noble Sacrifice Here.

          Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong, but the guy was toast regardless, right? Didn't he have like profuse internal bleeding and no major medical options at the time?

    • Apparently the damaged shuttlecraft needed a living life form inside to close and lock the door, and it was one safety protocol that couldn't be overridden. Plus, did it look like the flying ball could have manipulated that control with enough finesse?

      The Baltar guy is as smart as McKay, but not as communicative. When the gamer asked, "Don't you care?" his reply changed my interpretation of his character.

  2. All the promo pics of Universe I've seen just scream Battlestargate! to me.
    Never caught Atlantis and ignored the original after the fifth season (or later when MacGyver left), but then again the new one's got Robert Carlyle and he's precious. We'll see.


  3. I usually prefer my space with Morena Baccarin in it, but Chloe's boobs helped out there a little. Robert Carlyle is the dog's bollocks, I like most of his stuff. I was not at all thrilled with the appearance of "Shooter McGavin". Later, I was thrilled. Not only does the ship lost deep in space remind me of Voyager, which I watched often, it also reminds me of the no-ship Ithaca in Sandworms of Dune. I love it all. Huge ship like that, no telling what's on it, waiting to eat them alive or boink their wimminz in the ear.

    • As good as Voyager was, did anyone else get the feeling of "Gilligan's Island" in space? You turn on a rerun nowadays and it's "ooh! I've seen this one! It's the one where they almost get back to the Alpha Quadrant!"

      • Frankly, I'm surprised the Voyager crew didn't ever DO a Gilligan's episode, what with all their free time and those spiffy holodecks. 0_o I just pictured Janeway dressed up as Mary Anne. *shudder*

  4. I am still on the fence. Could be good, could be awful. On one hand it is Stargate – new sci-fi. OTOH it is not nearly as fun as the other series! All the other stargates were hilarious and engaging. This one looks like the same depressing mush as BSG – I prefer to watch fun stuff instead of depressing.

    At least it probably won't have insane religious overtones in it like BSG.

    • Yeah, I was gettin sick of those on BSG, whaking us over the head with weapons-grade obviousness. To show off my sci-fi saviness (and sound like a smartass) I'd call the Cylon's God the following names: HAL, BRAINIAC, SkyNet, and Megatron. After the human model cylons had their little pow-wows and ended them with "Amen" I'd call out "All Hail Megatron!"

  5. I recorded it and watched it last night.. I enjoyed it.. I missed SG1 and Atlantis. With the large number of possible main characters and the tons of red shirts.. I thought of Lost..

  6. Frankly, I'm just happy that there's something on TV that's serious and takes place in space (The Galactica-sized hole in my heart only now begins to heal). I've never been a fan of the Stargate franchise, but this one's got me hooked. I'll be along for the ride.

  7. I think SG:U has some promise. It could be a darker show, but still lighter than BSG. I can understand what the actors say (unlike the whisper-growling from BSG) and the camera motion doesn't move around so much to the point of making me want to vomit! I heard Ming-Na plays a lesbian on Universe. Any truth to that?

    • I have been assured repeatedly that SG-1 is excellent, and that Atlantis is watchable.

      Personally, I've seen the original movie and found it fantastic in its time, and I have seen a couple of episodes of SG-1 but never really watched it – it's got MacGyver, though, so it's awesome by default.

      Atlantis… I have seen a few minutes. I don't know what the hell was going on, but there appeared to be some freaky deaky aliens with names taken from Norse mythology, and that alone made me change the channel and very nearly throw up a little due to sheer cultural outrage 😛

      This one looks like it might work out, though, although (among some niggling details) their security measures when testing out a Stargate with an unknown destination are… well, laughable. Seriously, they're gonna let Not-Baltar, a US senator (with tag-along daughter/aide) and the Video Game Kid just hang out in the room with minimal protection while they dial the thing? I mean, it is configured to only dial out, but once it's open it works both ways, and they have no idea what's on the other side, right? 😛

  8. I thought it looked like crap in the brief commercials. Then I saw a longer clip when the previewed it on AOTS and was slightly intrigued. Now your review has me wanting to watch it. If its remotely like BSG it'll be better than half the SYFY programming. Apparently you still are in sales Joel. 😉

    • "Apparently you still are in sales Joel. 😉 "

      I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in!
      Honestly Its my job to share what I think is worthy with the geeks of the world and steer them in the right entertainment direction.

  9. Didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing, just bits and pieces. But the bits and pieces told me it was "Stargate Gallactica." Seriously, I'd be watching for a bit and then I'd have to remind myself what that big ring thingy is. (Oh, that's right, this is a Stargate show…) It felt very Gallactica to me. (And I loved Voyager.)

    Just hope they find a way to use Rodney McKay. Grave disappointment from me if they don't/can't.

  10. If you want some money, you should use the Giant-Ass HE sign, sign it and eBay it. I think every fancy bastard would love to have that in the living room.

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