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Dallas Anime Fest

Dallas Animefest is this Weekend! Come see me, Shortpacked and Two Lumps (plus a bunch of cat-girls and such) all Labor Day Weekend. We will be doing a Webcomic’s panel every day.

It’s Fri Sept 3rd – Mon Sept 6th, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion Tower.

These words, among others, were added to the Oxford English Dictionary, which has abandoned a print edition in favor of an online only format, this year: chillax, bromance, vuvuzela, tweetup, de-friend, frenemy, staycation, steampunk and freemium. That’s right, you are one of the privileged few who were alive to witness the English Language actually BECOME The Internet. Congratulations to us all.

How long will it be until dictionaries are divided by “standard,” “rhyming” and “sexting” editions? I don’t care if the print edition of the OED is dead. As Josh points out in panel one (quoting Sir Egon Spangler), “Print is dead.” It’s more the idea that any dumbass thing we start saying on the interweb (a word that was also added to the OED this year) just magically enters the canon of the English language. Lame, English speaking world. Super lame.

COMMENTERS: Please invent a word or word-mashup and give it’s definition and at least one example of proper usage. The dumbest word will be officially added into my vocabulary.

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  1. Tnetenba, as in "Good morning, that's a nice tnetenba", already exists but it should be properly introduced into webtionaries.

    • Or "overnumerousness," which I use every day.
      Also, that's not how you spell tnetennba.
      Also, you win the award for best dictionary joke of the comments section.

  2. Twilieber: The poor misguided souls that like Twilight and Justin Bieber.

    "My only child is a twilieber. This family is doomed."

    • My sister is moving in with me next month and that's her new thing is Bieber…. At least with Twilight that Taylor guy was built and oozed of testoterone…

  3. nocturnal admission
    When you sit bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night and exclaim something you don't want anyone to know.

    prostrate cancer
    Cancer of the kneecaps.

    Gloves that hate Jews.

    kneel before sod
    The mantra of a small religious sect that worship fertilizer and zoisha grass.

    A person who trolls Internet wikis in the hopes of finding pictures of underage celebrities to which off they may whack.

    A grammarian particularly trained to deal with solving linguistic problems, especially those suffered by people who should know better.

    ephemeral artery
    Blood flow that is more spiritual than physical.

    a la carte blanche
    An order that can be anything you want, as long as it's something we already have.

    barely legal pad
    A naughtier, more sexually liberal way to take notes on a meeting.

    darth mall
    A shopping center that is dedicated to the destruction of the Republic and the downfall of the Jedi through low, low prices and ample parking. Usually found on the planet Zabrak, or northern Jersey.

    A dice game developed by Milton Bradley in the early 1930's. When the two dice both come up "S," the player yells, "NAHTZEE!"

    pounding the crap out of someone who stole your insulin

    insolence dependent
    someone who who begins to love and rely upon diabeatings for sexual stimulation

  4. You know how, when you're driving down a highway in the rain, then you drive under a bridge and there's that moment when the rain stops? I've been calling that moment a 'splink' for years.

  5. Tubepunk — a cyberpunk/steampunk mashup genre literally involving a series of tubes

    Chillaxative — notional medicine to restore calm, e.g. "Dude, you're freaking! Take a chillaxative!"

    Staycadence — the daily rhythm of the routine you get into when you hang around the house instead of going into work

    Browncodependent — people just a little too attached to Firefly and Serenity, or perhaps to Jossiana in general. You know who you are.

  6. is there a name for the fact (akin to Godwin's law of hitlerism) that every phrase uttered in the history of man can be made to have a sexual connotation?

  7. blumpkenemy – someone whose shitlist you're on now because you decided to actually take a shit while they gave you a blumpkin

  8. Has Twitard been introduced yet? 🙂 Twitard and Tweetard are applicable to the modern world, being mashups of Twilight, Twitter, and the ever-classic retard. Usage: "What are those Twitards doing camping outside the movie theater?? It's 12 degrees out."

    Trampire? As in, man Elvira is one sexy trampire!

    • I believe Steven Colbert referred to it as "I have indeed Twatted".
      The "Today" show may never have him on again.

  9. Technically, I doubt the OED cares what words Americans have invented, seeing as it's, you know, British. The Oxford in question isn't the one in Alabama.

  10. Daced:

    To get owned in a fashion that really sucks for you, but not for the one committing the action.

    "Did you just see that? I totally DACED that guy!"

    • First warning. This isnt the kind of site where you just pop in anonymous and start shouting "FAIL" at people. We are only here to have fun and make each other laugh. Your comment didnt accomplish either of those goals. Next time I block you IP.

  11. A couple days ago conversation naturally evolved in such a way as to present the idea of a threesome involving Princess Leia and Tasha Yar. I thought surely nobody would actually…

    About 91,800 results (0.29 seconds)

  12. Homungulate; (Hoh – mun – gew – late): Verb;

    The action of attempting to push a queue faster by surreptitiously decreasing the distance between your balls and the ass of the person in front of you. Most usefully used in the now obsolete video rental parlour, when someone is standing in front of a DVD you wish to browse.

  13. My slashy self just geek-gasm'd all over my computer chair at the thought of Picard/Riker/Mal/Jayne. Though I'm sad you weren't able to include Simon in there at all. 😛

  14. Gothmo: A person who dresses of the gothic subculture with emo tendicies i.e hiding in hoodies, “emo sweep”, secluding self from their gaggle, listening to Fight Star and other emo bands that often get mistaken for goth, being an ecessive downer, etc.

    “Check out the gothmo crying in the corner.”

    Neek: A nerdy geek, (need I say more?)

  15. Squandary: the state of uncertainty one experiences when trying to decide between two or more needless items.

    "So… Small Wonder: The Complete First Season on Blu-Ray, or this signed hardcover copy of Walter Koenig's new novel, Chekhov's Guns? It's a squandary, that's for sure."

    See also: Spendilemma

  16. As an old-fashioned Brit, I felt it necessary to point out that such neologisms as "Bromance" and "freemium" are not included in the Oxford English Dictionary as of yet but rather in the Oxford Dictionary of English.
    A subtle but important distinction!
    The 'Oxford Dictionary Of English' includes regularly used modern words that have become commonplace enough to gain recognition amongst the community they are created in (i.e. the realms of "Teh Interwebs") but to get entry into the OED it must be proved that they have become permanently established in common vernacular for a significant amount of time and are evidenced in many different kinds of media by different individuals.

    I recommend, if you can find it, an BBC programme from a couple of years ago called "Balderdash and Piffle" that featured the efforts of a man attempting to get a new word into the OED through creating evidence of it in various sources.

    So, hopefully that has defended the honour of the good old British institution of the OED and not the ODE, which does included every ridiculous internet meme words that are ham fisted cobbled together.

    However, considering the Complete OED in print costs £750 it is not surprising that they considered going online only!

    And here is my suggestion: Gramog: a noun describing a blog posting made with full and correct grammar and spelling. Usually in a pretentious and snobbish manner

    • I was going to comment below that I move we don't recognize any so-called "new words" until they've been in use for, say, 5 years.
      I'm glad that even Oxford has kept one dictionary undefiled by goofy word mashups that are forgotten the same year they're made.

  17. iGasm: The result of watching adult entertainment on your iDevice, or what Steve Jobs gets after every new product launch.

    • funnily enough the iGasm exists in a much more fun electronic format. It's a sex toy by Ann Summers in the UK that you plug into your iPod and it vibrates in sync with your tunes. Pure bliss…

  18. Wait, they've already added silly neologisms like "tweetup", but "steampunk" and "fussbudget" are only now being recognized as real words? Charles Schulz was using "fussbudget" in his comic strip as far back as the '60s!

    Anyway, on to the made-up-by-me words. I'm too lazy to think up new ones on the spot, so I'm gonna pull out a couple old ones:

    – anecdotage, noun: the tendency that comes with old age to relate the same story your friends and relatives have already heard a million times

    – sitbecide, noun: the act of killing the chatty weirdo who's sitting next to you on the subway because he won't shut the hell up, considered justifiable in some regions (such as New York City)

  19. Oh, and seeing "automagically" on the list (Really, Oxford? And we're expected to miss you?) reminded me of my habit of using "instamatically" as a word. (Instamatic was a model of cameras ages ago.) I guess it's really a portmanteau of "instant gratification" and "automatically" the way I tend to use it: "You can't expect everything to just instamatically fall into place for you!"

  20. I've always used the word "zizzybaluba" to mean something Shroedingerly random.

    Such as "It would take a lot of zizzybaluba to occur before X could happen." wherein zizzybaluba is equally positive and negative and entails all total possibilities until X is achieved.

    Sort of like how my friend coined the term "Shzamlicious" to describe the God perspective. (All seeeing among all points in time. When first or third person perspective simply don't suffice, uttering the word Shzamlicious will supposedly suffice.)

  21. "Mactastic" (or possibly "Mactacular"): what all Apple-products-users think all Apple products are 🙂

    "Wikiterate": to constantly reference information found on wikipedia.

    "Wiki Goose Chase": the process of attempting to confirm information found on wikipedia in some legitimate source.

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