At Five Mile High Mall

Dallas Anime Fest

Dallas Animefest is this Weekend! Come see me, Shortpacked and Two Lumps (plus a bunch of cat-girls and such) all Labor Day Weekend. We will be doing a Webcomic’s panel every day.

It’s Fri Sept 3rd – Mon Sept 6th, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion Tower.

Sky Mall is essentially “The Magazine of Requirement” in that nothing in it exists until you are fooled into thinking you need it. I wouldn’t have even been traveling to Baltimore by way of Muggle-plane if the Floo Network hadn’t been down for maintenance. I honestly don’t know how you people put up with it.

Very special thanks to too the FB’s who came out to Baltimore ComicCon. Especially Alex who was my assistant and roommate for the weekend and Adam who gave me a ride to and from the airport. We had another fantastic FB meetup at The Hooter’s in The Inner Harbor. Try as we might to find an alternate location it was as if fate was pulling us towards greasy wings and orange shorts (those being OUR shorts after wiping wing sauce on them). Somehow we forgot to take a group pic this year, so please post links to pics in the comments if you have them.

You guys have no idea how grateful I am to be able to show up in an unfamiliar city and have friendly faces waiting for me there to share laughs and food and to create new, wonderful memories. Thank you all.

Oh… And watch this.

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  1. There was a catalog when i was a kid called 800-Trekker. There was essentially NOTHING in there that I didnt want more than oxygen.

  2. *sigh* I know the feeling. When WB had a sale for "Emma Watson's Birthday!" (Hermione) I *had* to finally have the Time Turner. It is lovely, though.

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