The Hobo Code of Honor

If the man yer dealin’ with asks for an activated iPhone, he’s gettin’ an ACTIVATED iPhone. A hobo’s word is his bond. So is his switchblade. Wait, that’s a crappy code. I think it’s, “A hobo is only as good as his word, and his word is only as good as his stabbing ability.” No, it’s definitely, “A hobo stabs first and stabs questions later.”

Looks like Apple had some trouble activating all those new iPhone 3G’s and ended up sending people home with iBricks. “Thanks for 7 hours in line, $200 and a 2 year commitment! Here’s a thing that doesn’t work!”

You old school Fancy Bastards may remember “Apple Store Guy” from the EXTREMELY short lived Mac-themed comic I did for Apple Insider.

On a related note, THIS is my favorite comic about Hoboes who are also cats.

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  1. I ended up filling out the paperwork at the store here in Vancouver on Friday afternoon, then going home to work the rest of the day and wait for the call that my voice plan had been activated and I could pick up the phone. I went back just after 6PM and managed to get the only iTunes activation on-site the entire day. It was awesome.

  2. Oh man, I remember those apple comics, but it's been a while and I didn't remember reading them on the apple insider site. Austin Powers reference triggered memory relapse.

    Also, when Pete talks I hear Barbosa's voice.

  3. What a brilliant capture of the bourgy cum-douche' manner of the Apple Store staff-member! You've transported me there… the smell, the rarefied aesthetic; the unbridled hope, like EPCOT in 1985.

    Right until they dub Ellen Degeneres over the kids working at the Genius Bar.

    The rusty-red in panel #2 is a little dark. Maybe a deep purple for a late-night rendezvous?

  4. Well, now that it's been established that Boxcar Pete so popular, are you going to finally acknowledge that he's the secret 5th Hijinkser and have him on the podcast? Would his Hobo-musk cancel out the Josh bomb that wafts in after Josh drops the kids off at the pool? Would Boxcar Pete answer questions, or just stab Eli for using the same sound effects over and over and over?

  5. The apple guy at the store wasn't going to get very far anyway. He only had 3 fingers on that hand. Maybe the missing one was taken by a rabid marmot some years back or something. Wait a minute…So does Pete….

  6. Hey, be nice to Apple employees. My roomie still isn't speaking in full sentences. He wanders thorough the apartment like a used corn husk. The lines were just as long today as they have been for the past few day, but they had about a fourth of the staff.

    His store actually sold out of all of their iPhones. The staff nearly cried with relief.

    If anyone needs to be reamed, it's AT&T. Roomie was saying how this big of a failure in services might constitute a breach of contract (it has at the very least soured relations) and mayhaps we'll see a second cell phone sercive pop up sooner than later. So that's fun.

  7. Sorry, about that, no offence meant toward the hardworking retail slaves of Apple. The comment was directed at the detail of the artwork. My condolences to Roomie. I did 6 years in retail untilI I was paroled. It can be Brutal on sale days. May his road be paved with the corpses of his enemies. <Soft warm hug from me>.

  8. I DO TO!!!!

    Im my mind he talks like a pirate. I actually have to tone down his pirate speak or it would make no sense for him to be a hobo. Maybe before he took his job as hobo-for-hire, he was a seaman,

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