That’s right. Boxcar M-F’ing Pete. I need to see about getting him on the Podcast.

I toyed with the idea of unlocking my current iPhone and eBaying it to some far away land where they aren’t actually available so I could afford an iPhone 3G. Then I started seeing reviews and articles saying, “The 3G data is pretty cool, but what you really want is the 2.0 firmware! It’s like a robot with laser tits!” Since my iPhone can have said tit-bot firmware for free, I’ve opted to postpone any possible upgrade scenario for now.

I updated iTunes and downloaded the 2.0 firmware (a day early since I’m such a cheeky monkey), and got my App Store on. I grabbed some of the free apps that looked useful (Twitterific, AIM, a flashlight thing, and Remote). Remote is an app from Apple that let’s you control your iTunes through your phone. I don’t want to go into a long review, but it’s freaking awesome. You can browse your entire lib(r)ary, view album art, etc from your phone. The communication was almost instant. I have bluetooth turned off, so I assume it uses WiFi or dark wizardry.

My advice: hold on to your original iPhone for now (or, if you never bought one in the first place, pick one up used from a jumpy upgrader sans contract). Wait for a significant update, like 32 or 64 gb’s. The apps really do make this a new device with a lot more potential. I want to buy Band, but I’m waiting for Josh to be my guinea pig.

UPDATE: They’ve already cracked the new firmware. 

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  1. Ah the iPhone… I live in australia and it got launched today. Like the first iPhone. We've never seen them before except for on the interweb thingy place. Anyways, i swear this is relevant to the comic… So an Optus store across the road from my work, had a line starting at 6.15 this morning. If you can call 1 person a line. He was joined by another 3 people in the next 5 minutes. 4 people shuffling around in the cold, waiting for the store to open. I think the final count when the store opened its doors was 12 people. This store had a velvet rope barricading its entrance, security guards (yes, plural) and an employee out the front taking names and giving out information. For 12 people in a line. Strangely, they sold out of iPhones by 9.30. i wonder how many they had in the first place and also if perhaps they overestimated the popularity of the iPhone in the po-dunk town of albury-wodonga. Anyway, sorry to rant on your comic page, but it was relevant.
    I think.
    Who are you…?

  2. Aah, yes apple and his good old dark wizardy, their lies their secret!
    Man, that band app looks awsome! It makes me want to get an iPhone actually, the first iPhone never appealed to me, but latly it really has me wanting to get one.

  3. I'm afraid to know what that mysterious red blotch on the checklist is.

    And w00t!!11! Josh is the same age as I am.

    Boxcar Pete rox!

    As per having my own iPhone, will it ever happen? Who knows? Knowing me, I'll buck the trend three years after the fact.

  4. Gravy, Steve Jobs and his easy to use electro-heroin products. You mean it delivers the same high, only faster, cheaper, and with GPS! Lord almighty, let me toss this Nokia methadone out the window.

  5. I'm so stoked about my iPhone 2.0 upgrade, this new firmware is sweet, I've got this awesome iTunes logo on the top of my phone screen, and there's even a cable graphic on the bottom. But that's not the bets part, the 2.0 firmware has this awesome new feature where you can only make emergency phone calls. And I don't know what "error code 9838" is but I think it means I won something, cause I see it every time I plug my phone in to my computer. I can't believe we only had to wait through 6 months of hype and marketing for this upgrade, it was SO worth it.

  6. And hey we need to get some of those nice dressed hobo's in Vancouver… sure ours have knive to but we could realy add some class by throwing them into top-hats and bow-ties…

  7. My roommate works at Apple and he had to go in at 5AM this morning to deal with people camping out. They got there last night around 9PMish with tents.

    He also had the new software on his iPhone and proceeded to show me every single application to me over enchiladas. No matter how bored I managed to make my face look, he would NOT shut up.

    I get it. It's super cool. Heck, I own a Mac and love it to death but I just can't care about the iPhone. I tried really hard. But every time Apple comes out with an even more integrated piece of whatnot, I can't help thinking we're getting closer and closer to Cybermen from Doctor Who. And I was in the process of telling him this when his iPhone crashed and he almost started crying. And I rested my point.

  8. I'm glad to see Boxcar Pete back. The sad thing is this comic isn't too far from the truth. Down around the Plaza and Westport back in my old home of Kansas City I heard plenty of stories about people paying the homeless to wait in line from them for various things (concert tickets, game consoles, etc.).

  9. You know, if anything exciting happened in Richmond that was worth waiting in line for, I already know a few bums I could give $10 and 40 oz of malt liquor to wait for me.

    But lo, that opportunity will never come to pass.

  10. You've got some pretty snappy- dressing Hobos where you live! Ours just wear stained flannel shirts and sleeping bags, but you guys have a homeless poulation with some sophisitcated tastes! The hat set at a jaunty angle, the rakish haircut, the bowtie that speaks of a certain je ne sais quoi that so, so many lack. Versace has found its new poster boy, and the fall collection should be out any day now… Derelíct!

    I own a tracfone, and the only one who calls me on it is Mom.

  11. Im probably not getting an iPhone ever, because I would never use it enough to make up the cost. I'm not a "mobile" kinda guy >.> infact I just got my first phone with text and picture taking capability last summer

  12. Years ahead? Feature wise, yes. Marketing wise? 10 years behind. The reason people are treating the iPhone like its the first smart phone ever is that its the first non-intemidating smartphone ever. All of motorola's and nokia's offerings have been geared towards the business class. Apple wants the smart phone to become ubiquitous like the iPod.

  13. Oh yeah, here in Aus, we have almost the same dollar value as you guys at the moment. But wait, where did that extra 600 bucks come from?! Stevesy definitely bent us over and aimed for penetration on this play…

  14. Poor guy came home last night at eight PM with a glazed look in his eye, walked quietly into his room and shut the door. I didn't see him for two hours, when he finally emerged for food and companionship.

  15. ZOMG Josh is gay? no way! there is no clues in the other comics!
    also, t-shirt idea:

    Stay away from
    (Boxcar Pete picture, as in the last panel)

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