Of Mice and Musicals

I found out during recording of HijiNKS Ensue Podcast #21 that the legion horde of Whedon Zombies brought down DrHorrible.com with a swiftness. Mmmm, delicious server brains.

I still haven’t seen the first episode of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.” The fact that there exists Whedon songs in the universe that aren’t already stuck in my head fills me with unspeakable sadness.  You can still get it on iTunes, but I’m going to wait and watch it on the official site to get the full “DHSAB” experience.

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  1. That Joss Whedon. First he lets you touch his pretty, pretty hair, but then before you've had your fill he changes his pretty little mind and starts..making…noise…and you just have to crash…his…delicate…little…server….

  2. We all, of HE, wish we had your living room, save for Joel, since he's one of those straight-and-narrow types.

    But seriously the show was great and mad kudos for letting them use your place.

  3. Joel's silhouette in the final panel appears to be holding the six-gun in his right-hand (based on the outline of the arm/elbow of the non-shootin' iron side), whereas in panel 3 he's south-pawing it.

  4. Again, my geek moment has lasted about three months and shows no signs of letting up. They actually put me in the last episode. When you see this huge geek in bright purple suit- that's me. The girl I'm dancing with is my GF. 😉

  5. I caught it once before the site went offline, and about 4,000 times since it's been back up. I was disappointed at first, the bit where he's just at the computer isn't that good, but once the songs start it becomes more or less the best thing ever. Fillion is brilliant in it, too.

  6. Being the faithful Bastard that I am.. time for criticism! The backgrounds in the first three panels look like bad green-screen or maybe matte paintings hung behind the "actors." Just doesn't feel like the characters exist on the same plane as the background. That last frame though, fucking awesome! I mean that in all ways, aesthetically, artistically, compositional-ly, emotively, etcetera-ly, etc. I recognized this scene immediately but it also made me think of that scene from Assassins. Anyone know the one I'm talking about? It was in a swamp too.

  7. Yes, this is very much true. Not that I don't love NPH and his mannerisms, but that beginning is clearly all set-up. But the songs are gold, and as per Joel's remark, they are now stuck in my head. I fucking love harmonies, so that last song is pure liquified gold.

  8. "Oh, for shame! Just look at those finger nails! My, I'll bet you monsters lead in-teresting lives. I said to my girl friend just the other day, 'Gee, I'll bet monsters are in-teresting.' I said."

  9. The only problem with harmonies, is choosing which to sing along to. I really hope Fillion doesn't steal every scene, because NPH is equally brilliant, and I'd love for him to get the best lines sometimes.

  10. i thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I totally "got" the optical illusion, but you're the boss.

    edit: question…would we be able to get prints of "errors" like the PA prints? when you hit "print" there, you get the comic as it is that moment, error and all. are you implementing something like that, with the whole "enter the URL" thing?

  11. true. oddly, I went Tara in the Giles/Tara harmony from "Standing/Under Your Spell" and Buffy during "Walk Through the Fire". Here? I went with Penny. I think there's something wrong with me.

  12. Ahhh… memories of having to read this in high school come flooding back. Lenny, I mean Josh, looks like Billy Bob Thornton's character in Sling Blade.

    As for the musical, I haven't seen it yet. As a fan of musicals, this kills me. As a fan of Whedon's work, I feel like I've let the man down.

  13. I know the swamp scene from Assassins! Stallone marches the guy out there and he's all beggin for his life and stuff, and then old Sly doesn't even pull the trigger himself… Some strange part of me does enjoy that movie…!

  14. well there's that part where every one in the cast gets to sing a line. Buffy's "Going through the motions…" always stands out to me, as well as Tara's line "Everything is turning out so dark…"

  15. According to Wikipedia, at least. And if it's on the internest, it must be true. But I do know from first-hand observation that the monster isn't named in his first appearance (Hair-Raising Hare) and is called "Rudolph" in his second (Water, Water Every Hare).

  16. Right. I bought the Looney Tunes Gold Collection for my mother for her birthday last year and it had those two shorts on there, so I knew that he wasn't so-named at first. I guess it just slipped my mind when I left that above comment.

  17. Honestly- we don't even need a reason anymore. Come to think of it- we don't even need an excuse- just an opening in the schedule.

  18. Tara is far too high, although I've never really tried to sing either part since I'm not particularly keen on Standing OR Under Your Spell, never mind the medley, and Buffy is the obvious one for Walk Through the Fire since she's got the most lines. I had to go with Captain Hammer here, though.

  19. It is awe. some.

    Check out horribleturn.com … it's fan-based.
    and nowhere near as good. but i thought it was decent.

    The only problem was that it was lacking Captaintightpants:)

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