The Darkseid Of The Fox

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This origin story may sound familiar, and it may completely contradict the previous origin story for the Evil Fox Executive but hey, whatevs.

So Fox has decided to shelve Dollhouse for November sweeps, and air it 2 eps at a time when it returns in December. Sounds like they are blowing through their already canned episodes and fulfilling a contractual obligation with Mutant Enemy at the same time. A few days ago I would have said, “Meh, go for it. The show just isn’t resonating with its intended audience. The stories range from mildly intriguing to flat out boring (ie “Not Without My Baby” starring Echo Dushku).” Then (just like last season with 1.12″Omega”) they threw a curve ball and showed what was probably the 3rd best episode of the series so far, 2.4 “Belonging”.

I’ve been saying since the beginning that this show sould be Dollhouse: The Adventures of  Victor and Sierra. Last week’s ep was irrefutable proof to this point. Sierra’s origin story was fucking intense. Just brutal. There was character development, depth, drama and suspense coming out the yang. And she and Victor have such fantastic chemistry even in their blank doll states. I wonder how much of this improvement had to do with Jonathan “Space Beard” Frakes being in the director’s chair? Maybe this season can end with Echo being brutally murdered by Alpha then Victor and Sierra can take over for the fictional 3rd season that will only air in my fevered dreams.

There are 3 contests that you can enter to win a copy of Borderlands (PC) or Ghostbusters (360), but you have to ACT QUICKLY.

Thanks to everyone that came to see me in Austin, TX this past weekend. The Ka-Baam! shows were a fantastic experience and I hope to be involved next year as well. You can see the comic book covers I created for the improvisers to… improv off of HERE and HERE. The reader meetup after the Friday night show was a blast as well. It’s weird to think that I have internet-friends in pretty much every major city in America. The book signing at Rogue’s Gallery in Round Rock was fun too. Randy and the staff were extremely nice and we had a some very stimulating geek conversation. If you are in the Austin area, you should give them a look see.

I’ll be posting a ton of pics from the whole weekend on Flickr soon.

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  1. So on the terror stricken planet the Fox Exec was molested by the space astronaut uncle with the special moon wine? Did his Space Astronaut Uncle discover the planet and return him to Earth? That might have been a REALLY long journey and could lend much credence to his hatred of all things Science-y.
    Excellent Job as Usual.

  2. I was all ready to delete Dollhouse from my brain drive but then episode 4 had to go and be kickass.

    "I know a $200 haircut when I see it" lol

    • I love the "lovable hobo" comment. Though to be honest, it's really not as hard as it looks. I'm about a day and a half from it right now and all I had to do was eschew the razor.

  3. Win for the Fourth World reference. I've been reading the omnibi lately and…just…wow.

    But…who is Joss's "father" in the HE 'verse…who is he prophesied to destroy and take the place of?

  4. Speaking of the Whedonverse, has anyone publicly asked him what he thinks of Google Wave? I've heard some implications from what I consider a semi-reliable source that the idea came from the waves in Firefly, but I haven't dug around enough to find out if it's real or total bull.

  5. Joss's dad is really Rupert Murdoch?

    Wait does that mean Lauchie Murdock is your Kalibak?

    Wait doesn't that mean that the evil fox executive will eventually break his programing and run for (Scott) freedom once he meets… (hm, I need to find out who Fox's Big Barda is).

    Ima gona run this reference as far as it can go.

  6. Nicely done Joel. I have liked all of Dollhouse so far (even the crappy ones, I'm fairly easily pleased) but the latest ep just blew me away and given how Fux has been treating it, it does seem fairly obvious that they never really bought the premise and are looking for a way to bury it quietly without again incurring the wrath of Whedonites everywhere.

    Quite a clever play on their part. Screw it around in the first season so it starts badly (Joss knows his audience, but it seems Fux don't know theirs). Give it a second so they don't get blasted for 'never giving it a chance'. Commit to the whole run for the same reason, but don't advertise it hardly at all, and when they do, make a total hash of it. Then bump it during sweeps and put REPEATS on in its place. Finally, air back to back eps under the guise of "Event TV" (which given that they didn't bother advertising the start of the new season will confuse a bunch of people) which means you can dispense of the final few eps nice and quickly and to the outsider look like you've done everything you can to keep it on air. I won't go as far as saying they deliberately killed this show (although your douchey Fux exec admits as much). I expect to be ordering a LOLFOX t-shirt in the new year! Maybe you could do one that has the douchey Fox exec on the back laughing gleefully.

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