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What can we expect from a Whedon-directed episode of Glee? Dark Willow and Andrew the uber-nerd signing a mashup of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Positive K’s “I Got A Man”? A medley from “The Music Man” performed by Wash’s impaled corpse (I’ve seen Alan Tudyk in Spamalot and the man can definitely sing and dance like a fancy-prancy-leaf on the wind)? Or just an awesome hour of geeky TV? I was already going to watch every episode of Glee from here until infinity any way, but I’ll be sure to watch Joss’s episode TWICE AS HARD! WITH MY EYES!

Commenters, what do you want to see in Whedon-Glee?


Book Signing at Rogue’s Gallery Comics and Books, Saturday Oct 24th from 1-3pm, with a possible reader meetup afterward (depending on how many of you show up)

2 Shows with KaBaam! (Improv Super Hero Comedy Action Show) Friday Night and Saturday Night at 8pm [MORE INFO HERE]


The whole HE crew caught The Found Footage Festival last night in Dallas and it was fantastic. The hosts Joe and Nick collect shitty VHS tapes from resale shops, yard sales and dumpsters then put together a show with the absolute worst clips. They’ve got cable access weirdos, work out videos, local commercials, insane family videos, and infomercials for terrifying products. I can’t recommend you checking out their live show AND buying their DVD’s strongly enough. Showing their DVD’s to a group of people is an instant party.

Their next live show is Sunday Night (10/25) in Austin at the Alamo Draft House ( 2 shows! 7pm and 9:30pm) (why is everything cool happening in Austin this weekend?). Go and laugh until your face parts hurt.


Almost all of the non-artist edition books have shipped! Artist editions of all kinds will start shipping next week when I get back from Austin. I’m so thrilled that you guys are about to have this book in your hands. When your book arrives, post a pic to Twitter with #hebook.

Don’t have a book? ORDER ONE! It wants to come to your house and love you with LOLs.

Check out this Josh cameo in a webcomic made by two of our very own Fancy Bastards.

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  1. I'm more concerned whether they're going to finish out the season, or if they're just going to yank the plug at the end of December. Damn shame that Friday night's episode actually advanced the whole overarching plot. Just when it's seemingly getting away from the FotW format too…

      • Absolutely. Just sheer brilliance from start to finish. My heart was pounding (which is the first time with DH other than E1) and I truly couldn't guess the outcome.

        Joel, if you're right, one of your LOLFOX t's is going to be winging it's way to me before too long. But please don't crush my fangirl dreams so brutally. There's still a chance….right?….a tiny, mote of dust in the deeps of space sized chance….right? C'mon!

      • That's good to hear. Forgive me for being a little skittish. It's getting to the point where I'm wondering whether following TV is worth it; so many of my favorite shows get canceled before they can hit their stride and the ones that have soured and should be canceled continue to spiral down (I'm looking at *you* Smallville).

          • Then why did we never get the rest of Firefly on broadcast television?

            Also, am I the only one who retroactively bitches about Firefly? Being a senior in high school with a new girlfriend I wasn't really able to care less about network TV at the time. It feels somewhat hypocritical…

            • You are not the only one! I didn't hear about the series until after the film was out. Not having a computer at home during the Buffy years, I didn't get involved in online fandom and therefore never heard about Firefly until it was far too late. It was Firefly that got me onto forums and unleashed the inner geek.

  2. Which was the deal breaker for me with the show: I don't understand why the Glee Club kids are supposed to be examples of amazing talent when even the school janitor probably sings in pitch-corrected perfection.

    Plus I'd happen to see three movies that week with Jane Lynch playing the exact same character doing the exact same shtick, (A Mighty Wind, Role Models and Party Hard), so couldn't face her again.

      • LOL. I only lasted two episodes so didn't get that far, but it proves my point: Why are the kids considered talented?

        Also, aren't the jock guy and the geeky over-achieving girl just straight lifts of two of the leads of 'Election'. She's Tracy Flick without the classic performance!

        And why do geeks all, apparently, love this show? It's got a teenage girl and gay man vibe to it. (1). Weren't these the groups everyone was saying ruined comic con this year. Plus it's on Fox, the mortal enemy of Sci-Fi!

        (1) Not homophobic, i'm a bear.

  3. I am still surprised I am watching Glee and how much I am enjoying it. But admittedly last week wasn't their best effort (especially the end).

  4. As a european, i occasionally (frequently) find these hijinks a little cryptic. But they usually prompt a wikipedia search and its all very enlightening in the evil ways of fox. I did like firefly.

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